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When to do your first gynecological examination?

There is no unique viewpoint.

According to some, women should go after their first menstruation, but others think you should go before of certainly after the first sexual relationship. You have to say that women should do their first gynecological examination in one of the following cases:

  • If the girl is 16 years old and haven't had her first menstruation;
  • If she is 18 but has not been to the examination;
  • If she plans on becoming or has become sexually active;
  • If she notices any disorder or unusual pain during the menstrual cycle (including its absence)
  • If she notices unusual discharge from the vagina, itching, small wounds, vesicles or warts;
  • If she plans and wants information about contraception, wanted an unwanted pregnancy at any age
  • If she has never been to the gynecological examination regardless if she's a virgin or not

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