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Centre for Women’s Health

Centar za žensko zdravlje

Women Health Center in St.Catherine's Hospital is established with the aim to be a place where women will get maximal attention as all women deserves. It is a place where we will follow and guard you from conception, more precisely even earlier - help you with the conception, and until the end of your life. Women merit that.

Our expert, warm and friendly gynecologist and obstetrician Ivana Erceg Ivkosic, M.D, Ph.D, subspecialist in human reproduction (detailed CV available in Team of experts chapter) is easy going and accessible person. Women of all ages regardless their education, profession or any other aspect of their life can equally give up to her in professional as well as in human sense.

Our Womens Health Center is equipped with the state of the art ultrasound device, which has a crucial role in obstetrics and gynecology, Philips Epiq 7.

In our center you can do the complete screening which inludes general gynecology exam, ultrasound and Pap smear, counseling, diagnostics and treatment of adolescent reproductive system, all the way to contraception and family planning, pregnancy check ups, perimenopause and postmenopause evaluation and treatment.

In our center we put our special interest in infertility issues from diagnostics, treatment and counseling from our board-certified gynecologist subspecialized in human reproduction dr. Erceg Ivkosic. It is estimated that around 15 to 20 percent of couples all over the world have fertility problems, with the estimation that this percentage is going to grow in next years. We are happy to inform you that our dr. Erceg Ivkosic is the only one board certified NaPro Technology gynecologist for natural conception in Croatia and neighbouring countries which is very important for large number of couples which do not want to conceive by in vitro fertilization (IVF) for any reason. Very soon we will have in vitro facility as well and we will offer to you all methods for infertility treatment today available in the world.

We also do cervical swabs, HPV genotyping, small surgical procedures (implantation and explantation of of intrauterine devices including Mirena), uterobrush and endometrium biopsy, cervical polyps ablation, pregnancy testing, etc.

We are extremely proud that our Dr. Erceg Ivkošić has the education and experience from the United States in the field of the genetics, and she will individualize her approach to every single patient, using the best possible diagnostic and treatment options available today from all over the world. Personalized medicine is medicine of the future which you are going to experience in the Center for Women Health in St. Catherine’s Hospital today.

As we in a St. Catherine’s Hospital have an huge experience with stem cell therapy, we are happy to inform you that soon we will provide methods with a regenerative effects on female reproductive system. We believe that you will be as many other women in the world satisfied with the benefits that stem cell therapy can offer to you, using your own stem cells with no adverse effects. Human life and our body are the most perfect machine and stem cells which can transform in any cell of our body are real miracle finally available to us!

Dr. Erceg Ivkosic completed additional education in Milan, Italy for collection and safe application of your stem cells which can be used for gynecology inconveniences including incontinence, regenerative methods, rejuvenation, wellness, beautification, and all other. There are also possibilities for using stem cells for infertility issues in a near future.

In our center we take a lot of care about education and prevention as well as well-being of all our patients having in mind your best personalized care and wishes.

We are looking forward to see you in our warm and comfortable Center for Women Health in St.Catherine's Hospital in Zagreb, Croatia where dr. Erceg Ivkosic and her team is the one you can trust and be sure that she will take the time as much as it is required to listen and help you with all your concerns!

Centar za žensko zdravlje

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