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Laparotomy is an invasive surgical procedure involving the classical incision of the abdominal cavity. It is performed under general anesthesia and in those cases when there are obstacles to performing laparoscopic surgery.

Obstacles may include:

  • Possible adhesions due to previous surgeries
  • The size of formations inside the small pelvis (larger, large, or unfavorably localized uterine fibroids, larger ovarian cysts)
  • General patient condition that does not allow insufflation of gas into the abdominal cavity.

It can be performed with a transverse incision, as it is in the case of a cesarean section or smaller benign formations in the small pelvis (benign uterine tumors - fibroids, endometrial ovarian cysts, benign ovarian tumors, pathological changes in the fallopian tubes). It can also be done with a longitudinal incision for larger uterine or ovarian tumors (large uterine fibroids, intraligamentary fibroids, or ovarian cysts).

As laparotomy involves a classic incision, the recovery period is generally longer, typically around 5-10 days.

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