Marija Opačak & Den Eror


I have only words of praise for St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. The medical staff is very friendly, and the Hospital is equipped with the most modern technologies, giving patients the opportunity to undergo different examinations and tests, all in one place. All of the above, with the professional and dear Ivana Erceg Ivkošić, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, OBG Subspecialist in Gynecologic Endocrinology, Human Reproduction and Menopausal Medicine, is the reason why I decided on St. Catherine. Dr. Erceg Ivkošić is a warm, empathetic person extremely professional in her work, and I would recommend her to all women who hesitate to come for a gynecological examination. My partner Den, a proud father-to-be, also has full confidence in the doctor, which means a lot to me since he is currently away from home a lot because he is part of the "Seven Summits" mountain challenge in which rare individuals conquer the highest peaks of the seven continents. Not a single Croat has yet succeeded in this. He has conquered five mountain peaks so far and I am really proud of him, the youngest Croatian to climb Mount Everest. Given the above, it is very important to me as a wife and future mother that I have his trust in the doctor while he is away, so at any moment we can both be sure that I am in good hands, even when we are not together.

In the photo: Patient Marija Opačak and her partner Den Eror with Ivana Erceg Ivkošić, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, OBG Subspecialist in Gynecologic Endocrinology, Human Reproduction and Menopausal Medicine.

Ana Uršula Najev


Croatian actress

Dr. Ivana delighted me, she is an extremely kind, warm and empathetic person. Very detailed and professional in her profession, and gentle and calm in her approach, which had a very encouraging and reassuring effect on me as a young woman and patient. I came here on a recommendation, now I see why. St. Catherine is a top Hospital and there is no feeling of discomfort, so I will definitely be back for anything when needed. A big compliment to all medical staff, and especially to my doctor Ivana Erceg Ivkošić, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, OBG Subspecialist in Gynecologic Endocrinology, Human Reproduction and Menopausal Medicine.

In the photo with our Ivana Erceg Ivkošić, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, OBG Subspecialist in Gynecologic Endocrinology, Human Reproduction and Menopausal Medicine.

Danijela Tambolaš


I came to St. Catherine Hospital for a general medical examination, which included an examination by Ivana Erceg Ivkošić, M.D. Ph.D.specialist in gynecology and obstetrics. The doctor explained everything in detail and really dedicated enough time to me. I am so impressed with the examination that I decided to share my experience, and I will definitely continue to come to the next examination. I am extremely satisfied with the approach, professionalism and kindness of the doctor. I didn't even feel the examination and Papa test. The entire experience with the team is really positive and I will be happy to come another time.

Vesna Strmečki


I am extremely happy to get a complementary gynecological examination, Pap test and ultrasound at St. Catherine Specialty Hospital by a random pick through Facebook as part of the plan of raising awareness about cervical cancer which the hospital did. I was greeted by the extremely kind personnel, not only via telephone and email, but during my hospital stay in a very clean and comfortable atmosphere all the polyclinic in Trpinjska street in Zagreb. The gynecologist Assist. Prof. Erceg Ivkošić, M.D., Ph.D. positively surprised me with her simple and warm approach. Firstly, we talked a lot about everything and she listened carefully to me and after that we did the Pap test and examination which I didn't feel at all because she was very gentle. She showed me everything on ultrasound and explained it. I found out a lot of new information and was extremely pleased to be a patient at St. Catherine Specialty Hospital and dr. Ivkošić. I was lucky to win this complementary examination! I plan on returning after this great experience because it gives me trust and safety and that very important human factor which is being lost in the world often.”

Anna Davydova


I came to St. Catherine's Specialty Hospital for regular check-up. I am from Moscow and this is my first time to be in one Croatian hospital. I came to Croatia last year in September. I was really afraid before I came. I was lucky to visit gynecologist first, assistant professor Ivana Erceg Ivkosic, MD, PHD and she was great. She took away all my fears. She is so kind and she treated me as her best friend, empathetically and gently. Feeling for us women during the gynecological exam is very important and I am very happy that I came here. Everything is clean and cozy. I would like to recommend dr. Ivana Erceg Ivkosic to every women as well as whole St. Catherine’s hospital and polyclinic. All staff is very kind and friendly. Everything excellent.

Cristiane De Olivera Dias


Service at St. Catherine Hospital is great! Reminds me of Brazil where I was born and raised. Brazil has a very well-regulated health system. My sister and her husband are gynecologists and have their own private practice, which reminded me very much of your gynecology for its high quality and equipment. I have been living in Berlin, Germany  for quite some time now, where I am not satisfied with my health service.

The executive health evaluation I had  at St. Catharine's Specialty Hospital really impressed me, and it covered everything I needed. Complete service of St. Catharine's Specialty Hospital is great and the entire medical staff is fantastic. I would like to emphasize my particular satisfaction with the gynecological examination with doctor Ivana Erceg Ivkošić. The doctor informed me in detail about everything I needed to know. She was gentle and kind with fantastic and correct approach. I'll definitely see you again.

Žaklina Jakovljević


My first impression is fantastic. The medical staff is very friendly. I received detailed instructions. I must emphasize my extreme satisfaction with the gynecological examination. The doctor is very kind and professional. She explained everything to me in detail. It has provided me with all the information I would never remember to ask, but it is very important that I know it. The review went great. It was very gentle. I didn't feel any fear. Very comfortable atmosphere and everything is very clean.

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