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Center for Radiology of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital uses state-of-the-art technology in performing radiological diagnostic tests. The approach to the patient is individual, and the choice of the radiological examination depends on the indication.

The special feature of our Center for Radiology is the provision of the highest standard of service in the field of early detection of various diseases of today.

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Our Center for Radiology is organized in accordance with the most modern standards, and specially trained professional teams deal with the diagnosis of specific organ systems, e.g. brain and spine, bones and joints, abdomen and pelvis, etc.

St. Catherine is equipped with the most modern Siemens MR imaging machine - Siemens - MAGNETOM Lumina machine with BioMatrix magnetic field strength system 3 T and a MAGNETOM Avanto, A Tim System, magnetic field strength 1.5 T.

The Lumina magnet achieves faster imaging, reduced noise and a more comfortable space for the patient, as well as a precise anatomical view.

The stronger 3T magnetic field device has the following advantages over the 1.5T device:

• Reduce sound noise when imaging

• More comfortable space and environment for the patient

• Shorter exam time

• More precise anatomical representation of organs and tissues

• Reducing the need to use contrast media

MR 1.5T_NOVO.jpg

The Avanto magnet provides high image quality with the ability to image at high speed. The device is characterized by a unique combination of the main magnet and the leading gradient technology, making it the only MR device of its kind in Croatia, which together with the revolutionary image collection technique brings invaluable benefits in diagnostics. The 1.5T MR device is the only one in the region with the possibility of specific early cartilage damage diagnostics using dGEMRIC and T2 mapping.

In our hospital, we possess a high-quality CT scanner that enables imaging of nearly all parts of the body with exceptional precision and detail. This device is crucial for diagnosing and monitoring patients' health conditions, providing our medical team with comprehensive information necessary for proper treatment and patient care. This is the first installation of this state-of-the-art CT device in Central Eastern Europe (CEE region), the new member of the SOMATOM family - Pro. Pulse CT.

SOMATOM Pro.Pulse with Dual Source technology provides exceptionally fast temporal resolution and short scan times required to reduce motion artifacts, limiting image disturbances caused by breathing or heart motion. The use of special tin filters maintains an extremely low radiation dose while preserving high image quality. The scanner combines the power and speed of CT technology with two sources - two X-ray tubes and two detectors in parallel, and with built-in artificial intelligence optimizes scanning parameters based on patient data for a specific scanning protocol. This innovative user interface, myExam Companion, powered by artificial intelligence, combines patient data (including gender, height, and age) and collects scanning-relevant data such as heart rate or breath-holding capabilities to adapt the scanning protocol specific to the patient. Additionally, reliable technological solutions such as FLASH, ZeeFree, and Dual Energy technology, along with continuous staff education, complement medical care and advanced diagnostics for our patients.

The radiology center is equipped with one Philips Epiq 7 Premium Color Doppler ultrasound, and three more Philips Affiniti 70G ultrasound devices with Color Doppler technology that allows the display of blood flow in color. These ultrasonic devices achieve optimal resolution using nSIGHT technology, while the PureWave design of the uniform crystal probe through improved penetration of the ultrasonic signal enables imaging of even the most demanding patients. In addition to technical superiority, it uses a wide range of clinical applications such as contrast imaging, elastography, 3D / 4D imaging, and vascular flow analysis via color Doppler imaging.

The operating rooms are equipped with a digital Philips Veradius fluoroscope (C-arm) with a flat detector which is characterized by a higher resolution image and better contrast than other previous devices and it is the only such device in Croatia.

The Cios Select mobile C-arch is the choice for all surgical imaging in operating rooms, including pain and vascular treatment.

Patient care has been significantly improved for access to sharp images with low radiation doses, thanks to proven optics, a new, better visible laser and intelligent imaging algorithms such as IDEAL (Intelligent Dose Efficiency Algorithm).

Collaborating institution for radiology of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is a private Austrian diagnostic clinic "Diagnostikum" (Vienna, Graz), and St. Catherine is the only institution in Croatia that is included in the program of the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology for the standardization and application of unique MR examination protocols.

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital also provides its patients with X-ray, mammography with tomosynthesis and densitometry services.


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