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Centre for dental medicine

The modern technology, a top team of experts, a pleasant ambience and all dental services in one place!

Modernly decorated and superbly equipped dental center of the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is located at Branimirova 71E in Zagreb. Our Centre performs advanced dental procedures in the field of implantology, microsurgery, oral rehabilitation, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics with a completely individualized approach. With the help of sophisticated devices, such as microscopes, lasers and CBCT devices, we provide patients with high hygiene standards. By using "premium" materials such as Straumann implants and materials from other global companies, we provide patients with top service with the best results.

Our dentists are acknowledged top experts in their fields with many years of experience, and practice "evidence based" dentistry, based on proven protocols and procedures. In addition to the clinical, the center also has a scientific and teaching character; our experts are engaged in scientific research and lectures (opinion leaders).

Opposed to big and hectic practises where the patient is just a mere number, we are committed to individual approach and therapy planning along with detailed diagnostics. We base our therapies exclusively on scientifically researched and proven procedures (so-called „evidence based dentistry“). One dentist is in charge of one therapy, from the beginning to the end, and is at all times available for all questions and consultations.

The quality of our work is further evidenced by numerous testimonials of our patients. In St. Catherine Dental centre the patient is always in the 1st place. Health and satisfaction of patients are our priority.

We do not offer „over-night“ therapies, which are planned in haste and against best practise, because such an approach bears a high error probability and diminishes our services standards. The patient is involved in the making of his dental prosthetics as of the first day, with the help of different process visualisation techniques (so-called „smile design“).

We offer our patients all services in one place:

  • cosmetic dentistry
  • oral surgery and periodontology
  • implantology
  • dental prosthetics
  • orthodontics (clear aligners)
  • 3D diagnostics (CBCT)
  • radiological diagnostics (orthopan)

Visit us and check out why to choose St. Catherine Dental Centre.

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