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Patient Stories

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Cynthia May


Luka Modrić

Roland Neff


Why Choose St.Catherine


Every year, more than 35 thousand patients and customers come to St. Catherine Hospital for medical care. Our highly specialized experts are deeply immersed in treating complex conditions. They create the center of excellence we are today.

Patient-Centered Medicine

We are intensely focused on the well-being and comfort of all our patients, and provide patient-centered treatments. No matter what the medical issue is, safety and patient satisfaction are top priorities in our hospital.


At St. Catherine innovation in health care is a daily mission. We are addressing challenges of access, quality, and affordability through new and creative approaches. For us innovation is not a buzzword, it is a way of life.

Personalized Medicine

Using the concept of personalized medicine, our medical teams customize treatments to the specific characteristics of our patients. Personalized medicine offers medical excellence, allowing us to bring the future of healthcare to you.

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