Aleksandar Škorić

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Joint replacement surgery of both hips in one act with a direct anterior approach

A year and a month after surgery I feel, I can freely say, just like a few years before my problems started, which means that I returned to all my previous activities in full capacity, in terms of active life as a former athlete. There are no more limitations that I felt before the operation, there is no pain but, as dr. Vrdoljak said, I have to be careful and I must not forget that I have undergone surgery. Having that in mind, I still follow all the instructions I got, but the essence is that I returned to normal life, to daily activities, moreover, I returned to certain sports activities, so I can definitely say that I am very pleased that I chose St. Catherine Specialty Hospital and the doctor who performed this operation. I made the right choice for my life.

Kevin Wayne Priest

United Kingdom

Lumbar Microdiscectomy Surgery

Having recently moved to Slovenia with an existing spine problem, a new friend recommended St. Catherine Specialty Hospital to me. After a quick check, I found it was only 2 hours drive so I contacted the Hospital and was booked in for a consultation within days. As I am originally from the UK, I had no experience of Hospitals in Croatia. So, on the very first visit any concerns I had were gone as every staff member impressed me so much - everyone was very helpful, efficient and professional and that gave me huge confidence in knowing I was dealing with the right people. I booked in for my surgery with Marjan Rožanković, M.D., Ph.D., Consultant Neurosurgeon only 1 week later where I had amazing care and I really can’t thank everyone enough. If any of my friends or family were unfortunate enough to need a hospital, I would have no hesitation recommending St. Catherine Hospital to them.

The patient underwent lumbar microdiscectomy surgery. The surgery was performed by Marjan Rožanković, M.D., Ph.D., Consultant Neurosurgeon.

Aleksandar Škorić

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dragan Markon


Revision Total Hip Replacement

I want to thank the entire team of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, especially Damir Hudetz, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Orthopedics to whom I came for the first examination on the recommendation of my friend and to Željko Jeleč, M.D., Ph.D., Orthopedic Surgeon who ultimately did the surgery and successfully "fixed" what wasn't possbile to fix in the previous health institution. I am also very pleased with nurse Tereza-Fandya Younis Labaš with whom the communication is excellent, but also with all other medical staff – they are very kind and maximally professional. St. Catherine Hospital really has a valubale top team of experts. Sincere recommendations to all.

The patient underwent surgery for complete replacement of the previously built-in hip prosthesis, the so-called revision total hip endoprosthesis surgery (RETEP). The surgery was performed by Željko Jeleč, M.D., Ph.D., Orthopedic Surgeon.

Jordan Varesko


Total hip replacement surgery with direct anterior approach

I was admitted to St. Catherine Specialty Hospital for surgery without waiting and with the maximally professional approach of the entire medical staff. Medical staff is very friendly, helpful and educated, and the doctors themselves are outstanding. I came to dr. Vrdoljak for the first examination, who also performed the operation. Trpimir Vrdoljak, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon is an excellent expert, and the way he communicates with the patient should be especially emphasized - this is extremely important and crucial for developing trust in the doctor. Also, I want to praise all the other doctors of St. Catherine Hospital who did the examinations before my operation, i.e. cardiologist, anesthesiologist, radiologists and employees of the medical-biochemical laboratory. To conclude, the complete service is outstanding, the nurses were at my disposal at all times, and I can’t help but mention the food that is really delicious. I am glad that I chose St. Catherine Hospital, that was my best decision.

The patient underwent total hip replacement surgery with direct anterior approach (TEP), and the surgery was performed by Trpimir Vrdoljak, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon.

Dr. Ubavka Dizdarević

After several months of searching for a clinic where I would operate a hip destroyed by arthrosis, I decided to go to St. Catherine Specialty Hospital and I did not regret it. Expertise, kindness, professional approach and an atmosphere in which full attention is given to patient really made my recovery easier and faster. Since I am a healthcare professional myself, I notice details that someone else might not and I am really thrilled because nothing is left to chance - from preoperative preparations to postoperative treatment, everything is checked to the smallest detail to ensure the best result. Thanks to the skills of Trpimir Vrdoljak, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon and Ira Đevahira Husedžinović Kliškinjić, M.D., specialist in anesthesiology, reanimatology and intensive care treatment, subspecialist in intensive care treatment, hip replacement surgery with anterior approach allowed me to walk with one crutch after 4-5 days. The wonderful physiotherapist Ivana helped me to walk around the house without crutches after 4-5 treatments wit her. I am also grateful to her for always having a complete, competent and encouraging answer to every one of my questions, and there were many. I warmly recommend everyone who has this or similar problems to contact St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. By chance, I had the opportunity for surgery in one of the best New York hospitals and I responsibly claim that St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is in that rank. Moreover, kindness and communication with the patient is much more pleasant and humane.

In the photo with Ivana Glavač, bacc. physioth.

Kosta Minovski


I am very satisfied with the service in St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. The approach of the medical staff, the professionalism and expertise of Marin Lozić, M.D., Ph.D., specialist of anesthesiology and subspecialist of intensive care and Marjan Rožanković, M.D., Ph.D., consultant neurosurgeon, as well as the complete service – everything is at a very high level. That is why I always return to St. Catherine Hospital regarding my health problems. Sincere recommendations to all.

In the photo with Marin Lozić, M.D., Ph.D., specialist of anesthesiology and subspecialist of intensive care

Luka Stepančić


Croatia national handball team member

I needed surgery because of the injury. I had a couple of options for surgery that I was thinking about, but in the end there was no doubt - I opted for St. Catherine Specialty Hospital and Trpimir Vrdoljak, M.D., orthopedic surgeon. The operation was successful and now I can say with certainty that I did not make a mistake by choosing St. Catherine Hospital. I have only words of praise for dr. Vrdoljak, but I must also praise the rest of the medical staff - nurses, other doctors, as well as physiotherapists who are helping me to recover as quickly as possible so I can return to my daily activities. They are all extremely professional and kind. It was a great experience and I would sincerely recommend St. Catherine to anyone. Now I still have to fully recover, but I am sure that the recovery, just like the operation, will be fast and successful.

In the photo with our nurses Ana Marija Fiket and Antonija Prugovečki and physiotherapist Renato Derković.

Bruno Petković


Croatia national football team player and player of the football club „Dinamo“

I would like to thank the entire medical team of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital on top service and professionalism. Sincere recommendations to all.

In the photo with Krunoslav Štefančić, bacc. med. rad., chief engineer of radiology

Božica Potočki


I am very satisfied with the service in St. Catherine, both with the nurses and with prof. Neven Tudorić, M.D., Ph. D., specialist in internal medicine and subspecialist in pulmonology and allergist. The doctor told me immediately at the first examination what it was about and he was extremely kind. I have no objections, only praise for all the medical staff at St. Catherine Specialty Hospital.

In the photo with our prof. Neven Tudorić, M.D., Ph. D., specialist in internal medicine and subspecialist in pulmonology and allergist.

Petra Marčinko

2022 Australian Open Junior winner

I am satisfied with the service in St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, I managed to do all medical examinations on time, without waiting. All doctors were very kind to me and that is why I feel good in St. Catherine Specialty Hospital."

In the photo with our prof. Renata Zadro, M.D., Ph.D., specialist in medical biochemistry and laboratory medicine.

Marta Pranjić


I had a sports injury of a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament and now, after surgery, I am feeling much better. After a month I walk without crutches and orthoses, already bending my leg at the knee. Recovery is going in the best possible direction. And I hope to play the basketball again. I would like to recommend the team on the department who prepared me for surgery. During the operation, my mother was informed about the course of the operation. They recognized her concern and fear and they were with her. We cannot describe expertise, humanity, attention of Željko Jeleč, M.D, Ph.D. After the operation, he explained and answered all our questions again and again, and most importantly, he knew everything about my great love - basketball. He treated me like a doughter, which meant a lot to me. The second day after the surgery I was already walking with the help of two crutches and an orthosis and the wonderful, patient physiotherapist Renato.

I started my rehabilitation four days after the operation in Zagreb. Physiotherapist Filip works individually with me. My parents and the whole team of St. Catherine gives me support and help.

One big THANKS to all the team of the St. Catherine Hospital for all the attention, care, cordiality, care, expertise, humanity that you give us. If I had to have surgery again, I would definitely go to doc. Jeleč and St. Catherine Hospital.

The patient underwent reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament and the procedure was performed by Željko Jeleč, Orthopedic Surgeon.

Marin Hlad


Eduard Rod, M.D., Ph. D., orthopedic surgeon instructed me in the whole surgery proccess, explained to me in detail what would be done, and that reduced my fear in this whole procedure. The next day after the surgery, I was immediately able to move my arm. I feel great and I am very satisfied with the whole approach, starting from the examination at the Eduard Rod, M.D., Ph. D. to the overall outcome of the surgery.

The patient underwent Coracoid Transfer for Shoulder Instability - Latarjet Shoulder Surgery. The procedure was performed by Eduard Rod, M.D., Ph. D., orthopedic surgeon.

Hasan Mujakić

Bosnia and Herzegovina

I would like to thank the entire team of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, from doctors to nurses, for their kindness and complete service. I underwent all specialist examinations in St. Catherine and finally spinal surgery.

I will recommend your services to everyone and emphasize the kindness of your team and the expertise of medical work.

The patient underwent lumbar microdiscectomy and the procedure was performed by Krešimir Saša Đurić, M.D., Ph. D., specialist in Neurosurgery.

Silvija Kuharić


I am grateful for the densitometry I won. I am delighted with the approach of the entire team of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. The service is at a high level and the new ambience is wonderful. All recommendations for the St. Catherine Hospital.

At the photo with Tara Stojaković, bacc. med. rad.

Ivana Šuto


I thank St. Catherine Specialty Hospital for the densitometry I received and really needed. I am very satisfied with every step, from the first contact to the reception and processing. The whole team is great and the ambience is very pleasant. Congratulations!

At the photo with Zvonimir Matić, bacc. radiol. techn.

Alexandra Maria Fabris

You really are so wonderfully kind, thank you! It was a really scary thing for me to have this operation in a foreign country without even the language skills to help me ‘connect’. You and all your colleagues were AMAZING!!! Truly, with all my heart, I wish to thank one and all for the amazing experience I had at the hospital. Whenever we need medical attention, my sons and I will only ever go to St. Catherine!

The patient underwent reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament and the procedure was performed by Trpimir Vrdoljak, M. D., Orthopedic Surgeon.

Mislav Oršić


Croatian national team player and player of the football club „Dinamo“

I thank the entire team of St. Catherine on fast and professional service. A sincere recommendation to everyone.

At the photo with Krunoslav Štefančić, bacc. med. rad., after MRI

Ivana Vrdoljak


I would like to thank the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital on a won mammography. 2 years ago, as an employed woman, I realized that health care is extremely important and I decided on a managerial systematic examination at St. Catherine. I was delighted with the service and expertise of the whole team and especially with the fact that everything can be done in one place because we know that time is crucial today. In St. Catherine I also did a diagnostic genetic test for hereditary diseases. The whole service is quick and easy. This is my first the award I won and I am very happy and delighted with the examination which was pleasant and easy.

At the photo with Tihana Benčić, nurse.

Istok Rodeš


Croatian alpine ski racer

I'm extremely satisfied with the fast and professional service and I would like recommended St. Catherine Hospital to everyone.

At the photo with Krunoslav Štefančić, bacc. med. rad. and Zvonimir Matić, bacc. radiol. techn., after MRI

Eduok Samuel Emem


FC Hajduk Split player

I am very pleased with the service at St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. I feel great after the surgery. Now follows physical rehabilitation. All praise for the entire medical team.

 The patient underwent knee arthroscopy using the most innovative method of treatment - Autologous micro-fragmented adipose tissue with mesenchymal stem cells and Arthrex Angel PRP (platelet-enriched plasma).

The procedure was performed by Fabijan Čukelj, prof., Ph. D., M. D., specialist in orthopedics, traumatology and sports medicine.

Barbara Huljek

Partial knee arthroplasty

After many years of knee pain, I decided to have an examination at St. Catherine Hospital because I had good recommendations for a professional team of orthopedists. I had my first examination with Trpimir Vrdoljak, M. D., Orthopedic Surgeon who explained in such simple language and with a lot of patience why my knee hurts and what should I do to be able to walk normally again.

I decided to have surgery by dr. Vrdoljak and I must mention that the second day after the operation I normally stood on my own feet and walked with the help of crutches. Every day my progress was huge and crutches were needed less and less. Most importantly I walk normally and have no pain. I feel reborn at the age of 79.

I would like to thank Dr. Vrdoljak, but also the entire medical team who were always available to me during my stay in the hospital. They were kind, smiling, so they certainly contributed to my faster recovery.

I thank everyone and will definitely recommend your esteemed institution to my friends.

The patient underwent partial knee arthroplasty and the procedure was performed by Trpimir Vrdoljak, M. D., Orthopedic Surgeon.

Akeksandar Škorić
Niko Renić


A week after the procedure, I went to physical therapy at St. Catherine Hospital. I feel great with no pain and the progress is fantastic. Very quickly I started walking without crutches and feeling safe. I am positively surprised by the approach of Trpimir Vrdoljak, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon. He explained everything to me in detail so I knew what to expect from the procedure itself. From 1 to 10 I give St. Catherine a rating of 50. They are all fantastic, very kind and the ambiance is pleasant. Thanks also to physiotherapist Marko. Rehabilitation is for every compliment, especially the individual approach. If I had any health problem I would choose St. Catherine. My warm recommendation to everyone who finds themselves in a situation where they need surgery, rehabilitation or a certain examination and diagnosis.

The patient underwent hip arthroscopy (with suturing of the labrum), and the procedure was performed by Trpimir Vrdoljak, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon.

Ante Erceg

Footballer of the Danish first league Brandby who currently plays for NK Osijek

All recommendations to the team on a very kind approach and care they provide me. I came to the Hospital after contacting prof. Dragan Primorac, M. D., Ph. D., terribly distracted and under the shock of my own injury. After the operation and the approach of the whole team everything was easier and painless. Once again, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to Damir Hudetz, M. D., Ph. D., orthopedic specialist and Eduard Rod, M. D., Ph. D., Orthopedic Surgeon, who performed the operation and all the employees of the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital who provided me with security and maximum care.

In the first act the patient underwent an open reconstruction of the posterolateral angle and in the second act the patient will be underwent an reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament with meniscus suturing.

The procedure was performed by Damir Hudetz, M. D., Ph. D., Orthopedic Specialist and Eduard Rod, M. D., Ph. D., Orthopedic Surgeon, specialization in traumatology of the locomotor system.

Goran Doboš

Knee arthroscopy

I chose St. Catherine Specialty Hospital because of the reputation and affordable offer. I was thrilled and surprised with the approach to me as a patient. I believe that this individual approach cherished by the hospital is what separates her from all private and public health institutions. Before St. Catherine, I was at several other private examinations and received mostly "modest" informations. Therefore, in St. Catherine Hospital, I especially want to recommend the first examination and meeting with Željko Jeleč, Prof., Ph. D., MD, orthopedic surgeon, subspecialist in traumatology of the locomotor system, who explained everything to me in detail and I knew what to expect. Confidence in the doctor is the most important, because it gives security in the treatment and reduces fear. The surgery went great and I feel really good and there is no more pain. I also thank the all hospital team who took care of me during the treatment, everything was at a high level. To anyone who has health problems I warmly recommend to arrange an examination in St. Catherine Specialty Hospital.

Hrvoje Koštić


Reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament

I am extremely satisfied with the service and the complete medical team at the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, from the initial pleasant and fast communication to the examination and procedure. Everything was extremely comfortable, professional and without waiting. Eduard Rod, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon, explained everything to me in detail, showed on MR scan what the condition is and what is the next step. Every question, every detail, everything was answered to me very clearly and understandably. He is always ready to help and is available for any questions, which I greatly appreciate. I expressed a desire to be awake during the procedure and to watch the procedure itself, which was also made possible for me. Coming to the procedure and preparation was also at an extremely high level. I would like to recommend absolutely the entire medical team, from nurses, doctors, physiotherapists. What I always try to emphasize is the value of something. So, this approach to the patient, the procedure, new technologies, state-of-the-art equipment, the knowledge of each member of the team, it's all worth every penny. You have my recommendation always and everywhere.

The patient underwent anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. The procedure was performed by Eduard Rod, M.D., orthopedic surgeon.

Danijela Tambolaš


I came to St. Catherine Hospital for a general medical examination, which included an examination by Ivana Erceg Ivkošić, M.D. Ph.D.specialist in gynecology and obstetrics. The doctor explained everything in detail and really dedicated enough time to me. I am so impressed with the examination that I decided to share my experience, and I will definitely continue to come to the next examination. I am extremely satisfied with the approach, professionalism and kindness of the doctor. I didn't even feel the examination and Papa test. The entire experience with the team is really positive and I will be happy to come another time.

Renata Davosir


I came to Trpimir Vrdoljak, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, on the recommendation of a young man from Petrinja who told me about his experience with the doctor and the St. Catherine Hospital and I'm glad that I listened to him. Already at the first meeting I was convinced how much the entire team of St. Catherine Hospital is kind and helpful. I felt comfortable, even though I had to have surgery. I was especially impressed by the kindness of the nurses who constantly visited me after the procedure and took care of me. Now, 2 weeks after the procedure, I feel great and I would really recommend St. Catherine Hospital to everyone who has similar problems, given the kindness, professionalism and really fast service of the Hospital.

Dino Rađa


Croatian basketball legend, successful NBA player and the member of the Hall of Fame

Robert Miškić


Knee arthroscopy

A couple of years ago I had a disc herniation surgery at St. Catherine Hospital. I was very pleased and delighted with the overall service. When I had problems with my knee, I did not hesitate for a moment and I called to make examination with Trpimir Vrdoljak, M.D., an Orthopedic Surgeon who also performed the procedure on my knee only week after. I'm very satisfied with his approachment and I can honestly say he is an expert in his field. All medical staff is just great and I felt like I wasn’t in the hospital. It was so comfortable. Physical therapy was well organized. My warm recommendation for St. Catherine Hospital to everyone who needs medical help.

Ivana Dežić


Handball player

"Thank you all very much, you were all wonderful! Thank you so much for your humanity!” Ivana Dežić, player of ŽRK Koka Varaždin.

Our patient underwent reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament with a reconstruction of the anterolateral ligament of the left knee. The procedure was performed by Eduard Rod, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon, a specialist in orthopedics, specialization in traumatology of the locomotor system.

Dear Ivana, thank you for trusting us! We wish you a speedy recovery!

Dino Rađa


Successful NBA player and the member of the Hall of Fame

Dino Rađa, a legend of Croatian basketball, successful NBA player and the member of the Hall of Fame talks about his experience with our Hospital. Dino is the fourth Croat who become a member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

The patient underwent a minimally invasive procedure for the application of stem cells from adipose tissue in both knees in combination with the PRP method.

He waited three months to see the result of this special therapy and then pointed out that his right knee felt immediately better like somebody extinguish the fire.

The procedure was performed by Eduard Rod, M.D., Ph.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, specialization in traumatology of the locomotor system in coordination with prof. Dragan Primorac, M.D., Ph.D.

Luka Modrić
Luka Modrić

Croatian Football Team player, Golden Ball winner - World cup 2018, UEFA Men’s player of the 2018, FIFA the best Men’s player of the 2018, Real Madrid player

The service the last two time when I was here was amazing because of great people that are working here. For us it is most important to be healthy and to be free of injury. 

Dino Kovačec


SKU Amstetten

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire staff of the St. Catherine specialty hospital for the kindness and professionalism I received, from arriving at the hospital to the examination and the surgery itself. I am extremely pleased with the overall treatment! I would especially like to thank Eduard Rod, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon, who performed my surgery and helped me, with his advice, to have as successful and as painless recovery as possible. Many thanks to everyone!

Stjepan Juhar


"On this occasion, I would like to thank everyone in the St. Catherine specialty hospital for the kindness and professionalism I received, from arriving at the hospital to the examination and the surgery itself. I am extremely satisfied with the overall treatment! I would especially like to thank Željko Jeleč, Prof., Ph.D., MD, Orthopedic Surgeon who performed my surgery, helped me and gave me his advice to make the recovery as successful and as painless as possible. Big thanks to everyone!”

Stjepan underwent reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament – the surgery was led by Željko Jeleč, Prof., Ph.D., MD, Orthopedic Surgeon.

Zoe Rafferty

The Physical Therapy is such a wonderful experience! Everyone is welcoming and kind and made me feel comfortable. The staff is knowledgable and goes above and beyond, and even stayed in contact during the lockdown. They take great care and give their full attention to a strong recovery. I have love my time there!

Dragan Dragojlović


Trpimir Vrdoljak, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, performed my knee surgery and immediately after I started with my physiotherapy. The atmosphere in the hospital is very pleasant, the rooms are very clean and well equipped. I was especially impressed by the work with physiotherapist Filip Pancirov. After each treatment, I felt a visible improvement.

Maja Bistrički

I came to St. Catherine Dental Centre because I had a tooth ache for two days. I was fascinated how Dr. Ivan was calm, polite and professional. I have to praise how everything was very fast, painless and according to high hygiene protocols, which is extremely important to us all under current circumstances. Thanks to the entire team!

Vesna Lupi


Hip prosthesis implantation surgery by Trpimir Vrdoljak, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon.

Thank you very much, the stay at hospital was wonderful as well as the treatment, all at high level. Humane, professional and with a lot of mutual love.

Marko Arapović


Professional Basketball Player, (Galatasaray S.K., Turkey)

The stem cells treatment (application of micro-fragmented adipose tissue with stem cells) that I have recently received was executed perfectly and completely pain free. As a professional athlete I always need quick and efficient ways of making the pain go away. Stem cells treatment did exactly that. Perfectly executed procedure followed by greatly coordinated doctor-physiotherapist treatments did wonders for my knee and left me with nothing but praises for the whole St.Catherine hospital. I would like to thank you all for everything you have done for me!

Vesna Strmečki


I am extremely happy to get a complementary gynecological examination, Pap test and ultrasound at St. Catherine Specialty Hospital by a random pick through Facebook as part of the plan of raising awareness about cervical cancer which the hospital did. I was greeted by the extremely kind personnel, not only via telephone and email, but during my hospital stay in a very clean and comfortable atmosphere all the polyclinic in Trpinjska street in Zagreb. The gynecologist Assist. Prof. Erceg Ivkošić, M.D., Ph.D. positively surprised me with her simple and warm approach. Firstly, we talked a lot about everything and she listened carefully to me and after that we did the Pap test and examination which I didn't feel at all because she was very gentle. She showed me everything on ultrasound and explained it. I found out a lot of new information and was extremely pleased to be a patient at St. Catherine Specialty Hospital and dr. Ivkošić. I was lucky to win this complementary examination! I plan on returning after this great experience because it gives me trust and safety and that very important human factor which is being lost in the world often.”

Mirjana Jovanović


I was delighted with the care at St. Catherine Hospital! I have to note that I have done the procedures that you have to wait for up to a year and a half in state hospitals in a very short time. My special thanks goes to dr. Eduard Rod on a very detailed examinations as well as to Marina Čukoić who reduced my fear of MR scans. The nurses were very kind and explained everything to me. I was impressed that there was no waiting and that every time I was admitted even a few minutes before schedule.

Darinka Smetiško


I came to St. Catherine Specialty Hospital to do a color doppler of the veins. I am very pleased with the examination and the physician's and health care professional's approach. I have to thank dr. Pavlović who did a precise examination and gave me all the information – like an encyclopedia. I underwent examination before schedule, so I was surprised there was no waiting. I will recommend dr. Pavlović and St. Catherine to my colleagues and friends.

Kristina Šorić


I underwent surgery of my ankle at the end of May and during the summer I was on rehabilitation in Istria. As I had to return to Zagreb at the end of August, I asked my colleagues in Istria who they can recommend. They recommended St. Catherine. I was pleased because of that because my house is near St Catherine, so I do not have to waste time on travel to the hospital. After the examination at the physiatrist and the conclusion that I was in good condition, I still continued doing physical therapy because I want to get my leg in the best possible state. So, I started doing it with your physical therapist Maja. I liked Maja because she is calm, kind and professional. The equipment is great, the room very clean and all the other personnel kind, happy and professional.

Radmil Smojver


I have been coming to St. Catherine before to do MR scans, ultrasound diagnostics and specialist examinations. I was very impressed with the complete quality of care and approach. Therefore, I decided to do a general medical examination in prevention purposes. The examination was very thorough, precise and high quality. I would recommend it! Everything was quick, without waiting. Dr. Tomislav Pavlović i Dr. Jasmina Ćatić, Ph.D. are exceptional physicians. Abroslute excellene on the highest level. Dedication to the patient, analysis, recommendations, giving advice, great approach – phenomenal! The emdical examination should be done once per year and I we will be seing each other in a year! Thanks for everything and a truly happy that I discovered the services this hospital offers in Zabok and Zagreb!

Nataša Košćak


''I came to St. Catherine Specialty Hospital by recommendation because of back and shoulder pain. I am now great considering the state I came to the hospital. I could not make any moves with my head. After Emme and Brown therapies I could move my head, look behind my shoulders. Excellent! I have to give compliments to the physiotherapists and all the medical personnel. The atmosphere is very pleasant!

Valent Sinković


I am very pleased with the care and quality approach by physicians and medical personnel. A very pleasant experience!

Satoshi Ishii

MMA fighter and Olympic winner in judo

I am very satisfied with the overall service at St. Catharine Hospital. Everyone is very kind and the expertise of the doctors is great.

Anna Davydova


I came to St. Catherine's Specialty Hospital for regular check-up. I am from Moscow and this is my first time to be in one Croatian hospital. I came to Croatia last year in September. I was really afraid before I came. I was lucky to visit gynecologist first, assistant professor Ivana Erceg Ivkosic, MD, PHD and she was great. She took away all my fears. She is so kind and she treated me as her best friend, empathetically and gently. Feeling for us women during the gynecological exam is very important and I am very happy that I came here. Everything is clean and cozy. I would like to recommend dr. Ivana Erceg Ivkosic to every women as well as whole St. Catherine’s hospital and polyclinic. All staff is very kind and friendly. Everything excellent.

Goran Janošević


My problems started in the lumbar spine. I was examined by a neurosurgeon and a physiatrist. There was no talk of surgery. I went into physical therapy. The therapies were well thought out. All compliments to physiotherapist Nina. The whole process is very professional and motivating. The concept consists of a series of exercises. The result is excellent and the pains are reduced. I recommend this wonderful hospital to anyone with the same and similar disabilities.

Damir Dadasović


Dr. Damir Hudetz is an exceptional and professional doctor, he explained everything to me. I'm very happy with the physical therapies. I'm feeling better now. I like the staff approach and the way it works. The whole medical staff is friendly and the atmosphere very comfortable.

Cristiane De Olivera Dias


Service at St. Catherine Hospital is great! Reminds me of Brazil where I was born and raised. Brazil has a very well-regulated health system. My sister and her husband are gynecologists and have their own private practice, which reminded me very much of your gynecology for its high quality and equipment. I have been living in Berlin, Germany  for quite some time now, where I am not satisfied with my health service.

The executive health evaluation I had  at St. Catharine's Specialty Hospital really impressed me, and it covered everything I needed. Complete service of St. Catharine's Specialty Hospital is great and the entire medical staff is fantastic. I would like to emphasize my particular satisfaction with the gynecological examination with doctor Ivana Erceg Ivkošić. The doctor informed me in detail about everything I needed to know. She was gentle and kind with fantastic and correct approach. I'll definitely see you again.

Kristina Lupinski


The injury occurred 15 years ago, after which my knee popped up frequently and I had to watch my every move. After several diagnoses from various experts, I was told that my knee would stabilise when development stopped, but that did not happen. At St. Catherine's Specialty Hospital, Damir Hudetz, M.D., Ph.D. did the reconstruction of the patellofemoral ligament and solved my problem. In the next 2 months, I'll be going to the physical therapy. I feel much better and am grateful to St. Catherine's Hospital. Big thanks to the entire staff, to prim Rod, physiotherapist Daniela on expertise and assistance.

Ivan Sršen

Handball player HC Nexe

Thank you to all the staff at St. Catherine Hospital for exceptional cordiality and hospitality. Thank you nurses.

Renata Fucak


The atmosphere in physical therapy is great and all the therapists are great, with Maya, there are also dear Ivan, Vesna, Jelena and physical therapist Nino. Very positive and cheerful, great support at all times. I'm very happy with everything. Progress is visible. I feel better and the pain is less.

Dubravko Lončarić


Everything was great. Knee surgery with a minimally invasive method went great. The other day I got back on my feet and went home. All doctors and other medical staff are at a very high level. I immediately went into physical therapy. The concept of therapy is excellent. Physiotherapists are expert and kind. Everything is clean. Very comfortable atmosphere.

Žaklina Jakovljević


My first impression is fantastic. The medical staff is very friendly. I received detailed instructions. I must emphasize my extreme satisfaction with the gynecological examination. The doctor is very kind and professional. She explained everything to me in detail. It has provided me with all the information I would never remember to ask, but it is very important that I know it. The review went great. It was very gentle. I didn't feel any fear. Very comfortable atmosphere and everything is very clean.

Bernard Pereković


I have only had positive experiences with St. Catherine Hospital, doctors and nurses. The service is at a very high level. My opinion is that doctor Eduard Rod, M.D., Ph.D., is great. He explained everything to me in every detail, very kind, approachable and professional. I knew what to expect from the procedure and what awaited me after the procedure. I had shoulder surgery and everything went fine.

Roko Rogić

BC Cedevita basketball player

It was my first time to here. Everything is just great - top service, very pleasant ambience and kind staff.

Alen Dergez


Football player

Eduard Rod, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon performed my surgery (anterior cruciate ligament) and everything went great. Before the surgery, doctor Rod explained every step to me in detail, so I knew exactly what everything would look like and what I could expect. The physical therapies are so exceptional that after the first one I was already able to lift my leg, and every additional time it got even better. Huge praise to the entire medical staff of St. Catherine specialty hospital, both in Zabok and in Zagreb. Truly excellent and professional approach.

Damir Šojat


I only have a positive experience with St. Catherine specialty hospital. Before coming here, I was on two orthopedic examinations at other institutions. Each of them had different opinions and their explanations were quite confusing. When I arrived to doctor Eduard Rod, I finally got concrete answers and opinions. I especially appreciate that the doctor was honest and open towards me; he said exactly the way things stand with concrete arguments. With his approach, he gained my trust and I made the decision that I wanted to perform surgery in St. Catherine specialty hospital. My surgery was followed by intensive physiotherapy. The service there was great. I worked with physiotherapist Nino who had a completely individual approach towards me. My experiences with therapies are also very positive; I came to therapy with two crutches, and now I can walk without them.

Vlado Kljak


From one to ten, St. Catherine Hospital is ten +! Fantastic staff… all very friendly, all doctors, anesthesiologist, surgeon, nurses… all great. I came to St. Catherine Hospital for her great confidence. Knee surgery went great. All my expectations were absolutely met.

Marijo Mumić


I must point out that my choice for treatment in St. Catherine specialty hospital prevailed precisely because of the excellent medical accessibility. There is an exceptional will of Eduard Rod, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon, who performed my surgery; I got an answer to every question I asked him, everything was explained to me accurately and in detail and I was instructed in every step. For now, I can say that everything is great; the pain is common considering the procedure and the short period passed since the surgery. I also started going to St. Catherine specialty hospital physiotherapy center. Everything impressed me, from the service to the medical team.

Dinka Kulić

Croatian volleyball team player

I have only words of recommendation for St. Catherine Hospital. The operation in Zabok went great. Complete service and professionalism St. Catherine Hospital is at the highest level. The ambiance is great, everything is very clean and tidy. The medical staff is very nice and approachable. After surgery, I proceeded with physical therapies at St. Catherine Hospital and they helped me a lot. I feel great now.

Petra Babić


Eduard Rod, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon performed my surgery in April and it went excellent. I started the physiotherapy very quickly. Everything is truly great and I have no complaints. I am very satisfied with everything. I can walk without crutches and I have no pain. I have worked on physiotherapies with Maja and Ivana and I am very pleased with their work and my progress.

Anita Karaman


I wanted so much to be treated at St. Catherine Hospital that even from Dubrovnik I came to Zagreb for physical therapy. The reason why I chose St. Catherine Hospital is because of an exceptional reputation and all the positive comments I have heard so far. When I arrived at the hospital, I was particularly impressed by this freshness, cleanliness and attitude towards people. I gained a great deal of confidence in St. Catherine Hospital that exceeded my expectations. I came here after a cramp injury, my legs were shaking, I was in terrible pain. I'm feeling much better now, and the pain has decreased a lot. I'm in great shape, all thanks to my dear Mrs. Maja. I'm actually sad it's over. If I could I would take Mrs. Maja with me to Dubrovnik. All praise for the staff and service. High quality and great kindness.

Irina Želez


After my injury, I wanted to entrust my health only in the best hands. I do pole dancing and, therefore, the best medical expertise of the St. Catherine specialty hospital was crucial in choosing it, also on the recommendation of my coach who as well performed surgery on his hip in this hospital. My surgery went well and was led by Trpimir Vrdoljak, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon. Because of the specificity of my injury, physiotherapy was specifically designed for me. I started with the first therapies already three days after the surgery. The approach of the hospital staff is commendable, without any objections. I don’t even really feel as if I am in the hospital, but as if I came to normal training. The atmosphere is very pleasant. I am overjoyed because I can already run, and in September I will be slowly returning to pole dancing. Thank you, I am thrilled!

Božica Dolenac


I entrusted my long-standing spine pain problem to the vertebrology team of St. Catherine Hospital. I was rehabilitated after an individual intervention procedure.

My husband successfully treated his knee pain at the Orthopedic Center and underwent a detailed diagnostic treatment, and now our quality of life has improved significantly after targeted and personalized treatment.

I look forward to finding many health conditions in one place quickly and accurately in the hands of the best professionals. This is a hospital whose staff has proven that their patients come first. Always ready to help and even if the have to get out of their way, they have an understanding of the patient's issues and many issues that plague us when we see a doctor. So far, we have entrusted every health problem to them and will continue to recommend them with full confidence to everyone, from the bottom of our hearts.



Carly is 17 years old, and for 10 years we struggled to control her anxiety, ADHD, and depression until we found the RightMed test. Having this information as part of her healthcare lead to an extreme improvement in her condition and has greatly eased Carly's mind. I’m forever grateful and thrilled to know the RightMed test exists - Sandy, mother of Carly



When I got my RightMed results, it showed that oxycodone, the medication I had been prescribed that didn’t work, was predicted to have little effect for me at a normal dose. After my test results validated this for me, I became serious about sharing them with my other doctors. I’m relieved that I finally have a resource to show doctors whenever I need new medications.

Cynthia May


I have never been treated so well in a hospital in all my life. The staff here has been so kind and helpful to me.
They were so very attentive and I never waited long for help. Everyone is so skilled at their job.I was very impressed by this.
I do not think I could have gone to any other hospital in the world and had better care.

I am going to miss them all and they will forever be fond in my memories.

Alojzije Sobočanec


I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of my right hip and I was supposed to go for a total hip replacement surgery. I was looking for options to avoid this type of surgery. Soon I found out about this method. I was advised that I can always do the total hip replacement surgery and I have nothing to lose if I try the stem cell therapy method. I decided to do it in no time and went for surgery in a week from my first examination. My condition improved really fast, all the pain was gone and now I even exercise a lot. I go swimming four times a week and I do home exercising twice a week.

Dražen Hrkač


I had seven knee surgeries. I was in a state that I couldn’t enter my vehicle without problems, I could walk only 50 meters without stopping and I had constant pain. Simply, I couldn’t do my daily dues without a problem anymore. Now, year and a half after my stem cell treatment, I am back to my normal life routine, I do everything I want without pain. I even went skiing. The only thing I don’t do is that I don’t play tennis anymore, but that is because I tend to be cautious. Entering and exiting my vehicle is no longer a problem. I walk normally, even up to 10 kilometers without stopping. I am very active again, all the pain is gone and my life is back to where it was before all problems with my knees.

Medeleine Laporte


Medeleine Laporte from France about stem-cell therapy

My mother wants to thank you prof. Primorac as well to the Hospital for the amazing treatment that you done with stem cells. She already feels much better for the knee after three month and expecting to be much better in the future. She believes strongly in the future of the stem cells and orthopedy and the amazing work you are doing in St. Catherine Hospital so thank you again.

Barbel Haussmann


For almost seven years I’ve had a huge problems with my spine, which kept me from performing my everyday chores or just live my regular life; I couldn’t sit for a long period of time, drive a car, work at a computer, and when I would want to get up I would be in a lot of unbearable pain. That lead me to seek solution in renowned German and American hospitals, and after almost seven years, my frustration became even greater because I experienced no progress, and I could not live normally and deal with everyday life.
A friend of mine recommended St. Catherine Specialty Hospital to me, and I did my due diligence and found out that the hospital was a center of excellence and had amazing medical experts for spinal issues, which lead me to finally come to Croatia and begin with my treatment.
St. Catherine Specialty Hospital team, led by Dr. Darko Perović, after initial investigations, opted for the radio frequency ablation procedure, which is a treatment of nerve branches on the joints of my spine. The procedure lasted only 2 hours, under local anesthesia, and I left the hospital the same day.
Right after coming back from the hospital, I felt much better. All of a sudden, all the daily activities seemed effortless and I didn’t feel any pain and struggle that I felt before. Truly, after a very long time, I felt like I was born again. If you can imagine the feeling of not being able to sit, or water the flowers in your garden, or drive a car, etc. Now, I can do all these things thanks to St. Catherine’s team.
I would once again like to thank St. Catherine Specialty Hospital team from the bottom of my heart for being so amazing and professional and for everything they have done for me. I will always gladly share my experience and recommend St. Catherine hospital to my friends in Germany and other countries.
Thank you, St. Catherine!

Husein Al-Faris Al-RIkabi


It was a real fortune that I have come to Croatia, to Catherine Specialty Hospital, and I can’t believe that after so many years I will finally walk away without any walking aid. I would like to thank everybody who was involved in my surgical procedure which made it possible for me to walk again.

Obitelj/family Abdulkerimov

I would like to thank our surgeon Dr. Darko Antičević for an amazingly done job, and to the anesthesiologist who was present all through the surgery.
Thank you to all the doctors of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, and the entire medical staff for their professional and dedicated work. We would also like to thank Natalija Zalović, our interpreter for being an outstanding human and giving us support during those trying times, for being available to us at all times and for translating everything for us. We are very satisfied with everything.
Once again, thank you! May God bless you all!

Aslana Dzihindzolia


I would like to express my outmost gratitude to the entire St. Catherine Specialty Hospital staff in Zagreb for giving us an amazingly warm welcome. I didn’t even feel like I was in another country. My daughter Aslana was treated amazingly, and all the preoperative procedures were done with great care. The surgery was a success! Aslana now feels really good, and I’m now able to see my child enjoying her everyday life again!
I know true meaning of life now!
I would specially like to thank our surgeon for treating us with such care. Every day after the surgery, he inquired about Aslana’s health, and we stayed in touch with him throughout all that period. After the surgery, our daughter received lots of presents and she was so happy about that. Even to this day, she can’t stop telling everybody about her experiences. 
Also, I’d specially like to thank Natalija Zalović, our coordinator for treating us with such care, all her efforts were priceless!
Thanks to her, we were able to come to Croatia for surgery. She dealt with all our visa issues, and was a tremendous support to us in everything! When some issues occurred, she was always there for us to help and console us. She is such a big hearted and warm person!
Thank you and good luck with everything!

Shukina Nadezhda


We loved your hospital. It’s very comfortable and up to every standard. We were pleasantly surprised by the medical staff. The nurses are very caring, professional and kind.
My child had two surgeries done in the hospital, and both went really well. We truly trusted your doctors’ great potential from the get go, and found comfort in knowing that we’re putting our child’s care in trust of such professionals.
I’m very happy that all our expectations came true. Your doctors are top quality. Your hospital provided us with an interpreter (Natalija Zalović) who was always available to us, 24/7, during our stay in Croatia, and she was always ready to help. She helped us with all the necessary documentation required for our coming to Croatia.
I would also like to thank your administrative department for doing such a great job.
I give you ten out of ten.

Kelsie Anne Dunnage


Thanks so much for your kind care. You made the experience easy and stress free. Thanks Kelsie

Oxana Walker


In Dubai customer service has the highest standards, therefore, comparing to our standard and professionalism - St. Catherine Hospital has definitely exceeded it. In all honesty, I have not seen anywhere in the world such high knowledge and professionalism of the Doctors and Professors, which I've seen in St. Catherine Hospitals in Croatia.The treatment was innovative and definitely breakthrough in medicine, because only few hospitals in the world just started pioneering it and St. Catherine Hospital mastered it to the highest standards and success rate. I feel that I can trust the Doctors 100 per cent without even looking for a second opinion. If I will ever need any other treatments then the first point of reference will be St. Catherine Hospital and no other!

Wanda Freeman


My time with “family” at Specijalna Bolnica Sv. Katarina has come to an end. I will truly miss the staff and services. Having been in Croatia from the States for about six months, I was a little apprehensive about what to expect when I found myself in need of major medical care. But I’m happy to say that from rotator cuff surgery on a very messed up shoulder by Dr. Rod to about 18 months of rehabilitation, I have nothing but good things to say about my experience. I found the doctors, staff and physical therapists abundantly capable, professional, personable, and caring. They are well informed and believe in on going educational and professional development in order to bring new and innovative experiences to care for the overall health of their clients. Jelana Kelemen, ( to whom I was assigned, and I can’t praise her enough), Ozren Mastisic, Vesna Labar, and Nino Culina, the physical therapy family, work well together giving the center a calm, stress free environment for the rehabilitative “torture” needed to guide clients back to health. As I travel away from Zagreb, I fear I will not find as satisfactory an experience for the work I need on my knees as I have found here. I will forever be indebted to Sv. Katerina rehabilitation of Zagreb.

Robbie Richmond


Thank you to everyone at St.Catherine! Everything from the care to the surgery was extremely professional. I was made to feel very welcome. I would recommend the hospital to anyone. I can not speak highly enough at the care and treatment I received. Many thanks.

Ehorushyna Taisiia

My name is Ehorushyna Taisiia, and I’m a mother of a little girl named Sofia. On May 20th, 2017. she went through a surgery in St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. I’d like to thank Dr. Darko Antičević for having such hands of gold, and for performing great miracles. Also, I’d like to thank everyone in your hospital for your support and warmth you showed to us, and for treating all the children like they’re your own. Sofia now has a new shin, and thanks to you she can walk again.
A huge thank you to the anesthesiologist Slobodan Mičić for being so generous with his time and attention he showed to Sofia. The medical staff is very caring and is always ready to help if needed.
Another special thank you to Natalija Zalović for being so caring and supportive, she has been with us to this day.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!

Ana Konjuh

Tennis player

Thank you for everything! Whenever I need it, the staff and doctors are always friendly and willing to help. It means a lot to me because time was precious to me! Thank you for everything!

Roland Neff


Hip replacement

They really take care of you, 100%. As a physician, I know what is working well. From the check up process they were very innovative. The medical staff and rehab staff communicate very well with me, I feel like I am in a family hospital. Very personalized treatment. I would fly all the way from Switzerland for the hip replacement I got here, no hesitation, its worth it.

Mathieu Carle

KHL Medveščak player

After the surgery in St. Catherine Hospital, I feel great. I don’t feel any pain and I’m looking forward to speedy recovery. It seems I’ll recover even sooner than it was initially thought. Of course, I’d like to get back to the ice rink as soon as possible; I’m a professional ice-hockey player, that’s my life! However, I’m still not at ease with everything, which is normal after a spine surgery, but I’m surprised how good I’ve been feeling and that I can walk and sit down without any trouble.

Severina Vučković


The only thing on my mind from the moment I realized I would have to go for surgery, was that I wanted to get to my everyday activities as soon as possible. Therefore, the outstanding medical team of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital was the only reasonable choice. The surgery went great, and I would specially like to thank Dr. Damir Hudetz for everything.  

Gimnastički klub Rijeka

Gymnastics club Rijeka

Two days ago you welcomed one of our athletes for a radiological checkup. Marko, our gymnast, was delighted with the overall treatment in your hospital, and we have already mentioned you in one of the most popular radio shows on Radio Rijeka. Special thanks to Dr. Borić. Kind regards to everyone. Keep up the good work and always stay the beacon of Croatian health care.

Davor Šuker

President of the Croatian Football Federation

It was our desire to have medical care for Croatian team players under one roof, and that's why we are pleased that we have found a partner who, like us, is striving to be the best in what he does. As our players achieve global results, the hospital of St. Catherine in a short time has become a center of excellence for sports medicine. As a former player, I know how the health and medical care are important to every football player and I have no doubt that this contract will guarantee our players the best possible service in this context . When we talking about the hospitals , all that I can say is; St. Catherine Hospital is Space Shuttle among hospitals!

Blanka Vlašić

Gold medalist at the World Athletics Championship in Osaka 2007

The injury that has followed me the last three years was the reason why I often went to MRI and to the consultation with Dr. Igor Borić in St. Catherine Hospital. I was always warmly welcomed by the professional staff, and everything was done quickly and efficiently, with doctors who have patience to clarify the diagnosis to the patient. From St. Catherine Hospital I always went encouraged by the positive impressions. I always recommend it to the friends and acquaintances, knowing that in the St. Catherine Hospital will find everything they need in one place.

Blaženko Lacković

Croatian national handball team player

Every person, especially an athlete, has difficult time handling injuries, St. Catherine Polyclinic staff has always been able to make those hard times much nicer with their expertise and professionalism, as well as with an excellent atmosphere in the polyclinic. Therefore, I would like to thank all the doctors, physiotherapists and the entire staff who have helped me to recover and become even stronger. Special thanks to Dr. Damir Hudetz.

Ivica Kostelić

Holder of four silver medals from the Olympic Games in Torino 2006

Excellence in sport requires superior medical care. Therefore, the doctors and the St. Catherine hospital are part of my team. I know that when I’m there I am in the hands of experts.

Marin Čilić

Tennis player, US Open winner 2014

I wish to spare no words of praise and thanks to St. Catherine hospital and polyclinic for all their expertise, professional care, diagnostics and services. St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is one of the few places in the world where I am certain to find in a single place all the care that I require, with top level physiotherapists and doctors who leave me no doubt that they will never fail to identify the diagnosis and pinpoint the cause of injury, leading me on the fastest way to a full recovery. My special thanks go to Dr. Borić and Professor Dragan Primorac for their continuing assistance and care, and also to physiotherapy personnel who are always there for me. I look forward to working with St. Catherine's team for a long time in order that I can stay healthy and get by with as few injuries as possible.

Ivo Karlović

Tennis player

As a professional athlete and a tennis player, I’ve often had to deal with back injuries, knee injuries, shoulder and other joint injuries. In these cases, it’s crucial to quickly and accurately diagnose the source of the problem so that I could return to the court as soon as possible. In these cases, it’s comforting to know that I can rely on such a professional, kind and trustworthy team led by Dr. Borić who has always been and will continue to be ready to help me.

Ranko Vučinić

KHL Medveščak spokesperson

We had full confidence in experts of St. Catherine Hospital, and that was why we chose St. Catherine Hospital for Mathieu Carle’s spinal surgery. After that, St. Catherine Specialty hospital is for us and our players the first and only choice.

Vera Zima


Here I am, coming for a checkup after six weeks since I had my surgery and I’m happily coming to St. Catherine, all spiffy and new, muscled up and slim as a twig!?!! I adore my Dr. Hudetz, and I’ve fallen in love with the entire team of nurses and doctors both in St. Catherine Hospital in Zabok, and here in Trpinjska street!
What amazed me was that I literally felt no pain – I was very skeptical at first towards my wonderful anesthesiologist who kept assuring me I would feel no pain – and I thought to myself ‘keep telling it to someone else, I’m not buying it’, I knew what was in store for me –TEP – total knee endoprosthesis – however, I literally felt no pain, throughout the surgery, post-surgery, to this day, nothing, zero pain! My dear nurses from St. Catherine would also pay me a visit while I was in a spa for my recovery. They would even bring me some wine and pancetta…
Kisses to you Kristina, Daria, Renato, Katarina, and Marko and to all of you hard working, professional and kind hearted people!

Mirko Filipović

Mixed martial artist

I had a severe fracture of my leg, my knee dropped out of its socket, my ligaments tore, cartilage, as well. I was in so much pain, that I’ve lost consciousness. After that, it was hard to get by, after every physically strenuous exercise my knee would fill up with water, I went through hundreds of drainages, painstaking therapy, oh, I went through a lot ... After the stem cell application I’m able to train today, my knee is dry and I definitely think the stem cell treatment is the future. So my cartilage is restored, it’s regenerating. I’d like to thank the entire staff of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital!

Borna Ćorić

Tennis player

My knee is now great again and I have to thank Dr. Igor Borić for that, and the entire St. Catherine Specialty hospital staff. They were with me every step of the way and I had to literally come there every single day for a treatment. Dr. Borić was kind to respond to all my worries, even at 2am when I would call him worried about my swollen knee.

Zdenko Kordi

Handball coach

I’d like to thank St. Catherine Specialty Hospital on showing excellence in every segment of their work. They are truly worthy of every award they’ve received so far. Special thanks to everyone from the management, to the doctors, wonderful nurses, all the way to the cleaning staff who have greeted me every morning with a smile while entering my hospital room.  The nurses are amazing, giving support 24/7. The doctors are true experts, but also very warm, kind and patient while offering you words of support. It is without any question that I have to give my special thanks to Dr. Rod who performed my surgery and explained its every detail to me. The physiotherapists are the top of their profession. In the end, I’d like to express a huge gratitude to a great expert and a great man, Dr. Dragan Primorac!

Lana Petranović

Figure skater

I would sincerely like to thank the entire staff of St. Catherine Hospital for helping me to overcome my first obstacle to reaching Olympic Games. As a sign of gratitude, I’d like to dedicate one of my future medals to the staff of my favorite hospital!

Antun Bošnjaković


Dear St. Catherine’s staff,
Our little Vinko, his Mom and I are absolutely amazed by your hospital, and we can’t find enough words to thank you for everything you’ve done for us.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing work you do and the way you do it!

Josip Pivarić

Croatian Football Team player, FC Dynamo Kyiv player

Even though I've had surgery here and I know this a hospital, I didn't feel like I was in a hospital, and believe me I know what I'm talking about as this has, unfortunately, been my sixth surgery, but the first one in St. Catherine. The rooms in the hospital are so nice and comfortable that I felt like I was in a hotel for preparations with the team and got a minor injury and had to go through a little bit of physical therapy. But this is even better, because in the evening people could come to visit me.
Of course the most important thing I need to mention is the staff, and they are the most important and the best! I don't have to speak about how professional and top quality experts they are because everybody in Croatia and beyond knows that the best doctors and experts are working here with the best possible diagnostic equipment. Among other things, that was what brought me here.
First and foremost I have to thank my longtime friend, Dr. Boric who always finds a way to help me and makes some time for me and for my medical issues even if it's a case of rash. I'd like to thank Dr. Hudetz who talked to me as if we've been friends for 100s of years and with such clarity explained everything that all the fear I've previously had vanished immediately.
Finally, I have to give special thanks to Marko, the physiotherapist who gave his best and worked so hard with me that the progress I felt in 3 days of working with him gave me confidence that I would be able to return to the pitch in  6 weeks instead of months.  In these difficult moments, he was also the one who provided me with enormous optimism and support.
I would kindly ask all the nurses and all the employees of St. Catherine not to get angry because I didn't mention each and every one of them, but I have only one thing to say: you are all AMAZING!!!
Thank you very, very much!

Stefano Cosattini


I’m back! Good as new, back on my feet! No pain, no swelling on my knee and I can do sports again. I feel reborn. Instead of implanting an artificial joint, the medical team decided to transplant my meniscal knee, and it was done arthroscopically. I would like to thank everyone, the entire St. Catherine Specialty Hospital medical team and to my doctor Dr. Hudetz. You are the best!

Ajla Mahmutović

Karate Player

I would like to thank the entire St. Catherine Specialty Hospital team!
We all experience the fear of injuries, of surgeries, even we, the top athletes have it, and we have a lot of experience with it, however, even from the first step to your hospital that fear almost completely vanished. Your staff is very kind and likeable, the doctors are absolute top of their profession, and what can I say? All of you are the absolute best at what you do.
I’m very glad to have started my treatment with you, where I feel safe and am certain that I’m in the right hands.
Special thank you to Dr. Eduard Rod and Dr. Ira Skok!

Dinko Bogdanić

Choreographer, director and dance educator

Thanks a lot, everyone who brought back the smile on my face with their professional strength. Thank you sisters, thank you thank you thank you Mark, thank you Dr. Rod!

Selmir Pidro

Footballer of FC Sarajevo, young national team player of BiH

My anterior cruciate ligament surgery was done in St. Catherine. Thank you very much! Great staff! All recommendation goes for St. Catherine!

Enes Garibović

Croatian karate national team player

Great medical care. I felt like a king. All staff are for every recommendation. Great hospital atmosphere! I know it sounds weird, but I'm sorry to have to leave the hospital. I feel great, airy and cheerful after surgery, and you really don't expect that after surgery ... Thanks for everything!

Ivan Rakitić

Croatian Football Team player, FC Barcelona player

You know when you are here that everything will go in the best way. You need to have the best team around you and here are the best team, so we are very happy to have this people in Croatia.

Vedran Ćorluka

Croatian Football Team player, FC Lokomotiv player

Obviously it is so important for a footballer to take care of his body. I personally have good experience with St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. I always feel safe to come there. I´m realy happy that this partnership will go further on.

Davor Dretar Drele

Television and radio presenter, television actor

It was unforgettable, relaxed and the staff is top notch. They knew how to reduce the my stress during the MR scan which I refered to as the bread oven! I Hope to meet them in my cellar for the second time at a real bread oven! Thank you very much!

Hrvoje Miličević


I never thought I would need this procedure. I had a knee injury. I came to from St. Catherine on recommendation by my friend. My operation was successful. The medical staff is very professional and friendly.

Želimir Šikonja


Three years ago I had a drastic change. I started to feel a great amount of pain. All activities I was earlier doing on a regular basis were in question. This includes everyday activities such as walking up or down the stairs or entering to vehicle. I was in a state that I had to take pain medications almost every day. I wanted to do anything to make my condition better. I came across an article in the local newspapers which was about a novel treatment with adipose-derived stem cells. I informed myself on that topic a bit, asked around for experiences from others and decided to go to St. Catherine Hospital. After my examination with Doctor Hudetz and Professor Primorac, I decided to do this kind of treatment. I wanted to postpone a total knee replacement surgery as much as I could. Now I feel a big difference. I feel much better, I don’t take pain medications anymore and I walk normally, but I still avoid extreme physical activity such as skiing.

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