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What is otorhinolaryngology?

Ear, nose and throat diseases & head and neck surgery

Otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery are some of the oldest medical disciplines dealing with the diagnostics, treatment, and surgery of a wide range of diseases, abnormalities, and other health problems related to the head and neck area. Otorhinolaryngology deals with ear disorders and pain, hearing loss, breathing difficulties through the nose, sore throat and sinus infection, voice disorders, growths in the head and neck area, surgical treatment of ears, nose, sinuses, and thyroid gland.

Otorhinolaryngology - diagnostics, treatment, and surgery of a wide range of diseases
Ear, Nose, and Throat Center

What are the most common surgeries performed by an otorhinolaryngologist?

Otorhinolaryngologists, in addition to diagnosing and conservatively treating the aforementioned conditions, also deal with a wide range of surgeries in the head and neck area. The most common operations performed by an otorhinolaryngologist are:

  • Septoplasty (nasal septum surgery) - an operation that corrects nasal septal irregularities, which removes anatomical obstruction of breathing and improves nasal breathing
  • FESS - functional endoscopic sinus surgery. Modern sinus surgery is performed endoscopically and the surgeon surgically treats chronic sinusitis without external incisions
  • Myringoplasty - an operation for the reconstruction of the eardrum after an injury or as part of chronic otitis media
  • Tonsillectomy - surgery for the removal of the tonsils in children and adults
  • Adenotomy - removal of the third tonsil
  • UPPP – uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. Removal of the soft tissue at the back of the throat.
  • Operations of partial (lobectomy) or total removal (total thyroidectomy) of the thyroid gland in various autoimmune or tumor disorders
  • Removal of all skin changes in the head and neck area, such as moles or local skin tumors and, if necessary, plastic reconstruction with local flaps

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