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Are there any preparations for the first gynecological examination?

Before going to the gynecological examination, it would be desirable not to have sexual relationships 24h prior to it. When taking a shower, you should use mild soaps for intimate care with appropriate acidity. It is advisable to wear comfy clothes which you can take off easily. You can also wear or bring a skirt to not feel on comfortable while walking naked from the changing room to the gynecological table, although many gynecological clinics use short skirts for one time use which the woman gets when she arrives. You can write questions for the gynecologist because women sometimes forget or get confused about what they want to ask their gynecologist.

To summarize, we have to say that you should not delay your first gynecological examination. It is normal that women are not looking forward to the examination, but it is important to pay full attention by the woman and the gynecologist because if the woman does not have earlier uncomfortable experiences, she will regularly come to future examinations less nervous and more relaxed.

Arrival at the gynecologist does not necessarily mean an examination as well. It can be easier for the woman to first get to know her gynecologist to gain confidence and trust and then be ready to do her first gynecological experience. This way she will get useful information about reproductive health, contraception, miscarriage, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and so on.

At the end to make you feel more comfortable: your gynecologist has done numerous examinations before so you can relax because he or she regularly performs the gynecological examination and will not resent anything what you are concerned about. We are eagerly awaiting you at your first gynecological examination!

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