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Gynecologist General Screening

In Specialty Hospital St. Catherine’s we put special effort into the prevention of various disease in general and in particular in our Centre for Individualized and Preventive Medicine. Gynecology is very important because prevention can keep from a lot of gynecological diseases. We offer basic, extended and executive health evaluation and we kindly recommend that you include gynecological exam as well. Gynecological check-up consists of detail targeted conversation followed by clinical examination by a gynecologist, Pap smear and gynecological ultrasound. We try to make our clients feel comfortable and pay maximum attention to them. Gynecological check-up takes a minimum of 30, often 45 and even 60 minutes if it’s necessary (as well as all our examination). We recommend that gynecological check-up for your health evaluation be performed once a year and guarantee that you will be satisfied with the service you will receive for your money.

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