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Contraception is the prevention of pregnancy.  There are a number of contraceptive methods that we will gladly and thoroughly inform you at our Women's Health Center to help you choose the best method for you.  Like everything in life, none is ideal because each has its own good and bad sides.  There are mechanical and chemical methods that are often used together such as e.g.  male and female condom (femidom), diaphragm, spermicides in the form of gels, creams, sponge, foam ..., cervical cap, etc.  Intrauterine device or popularly called spirals can be copper or hormone spirals.  Hormonal contraception can be in the form of pills, but also patches, implants, or vaginal rings.  A permanent method of contraception is sterilization in women or vasectomy in men.  We will explain to you all about emergency postcoital contraception or so-called “morning after-pill”.  We will teach you in detail about natural methods of contraception that include basal temperature measurement, cervical mucus monitoring (Billings method), calendar or Knaus-Ogin method of counting menstrual cycle days and interrupting intercourse, or  coitus interruptus, and a combination of all of the above, integrated by the NaPro or Neo Fertility,  the restorative method of natural family planning.

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