Total Knee Replacement

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Total Knee Replacement

Endoprosthesis of the knee are divided into partial, total and revision. All of them are routinely done in our hospital.

With advanced knee arthrosis, where there is total cartilage damage of all the parts of the knee, it is necessary to replace joint facets of the knee, i.e. implant total knee endoprosthesis. This way, the pain disappears, and the patient regains full mobility of the knee.

We implant knee endoprosthesis with the help of the most modern computer navigation. Because of this, the implantation is is precise which improves its function and lifespan.

If the inner or outer part of the knee is damaged, it is possible to implant partial endoprosthesis. The patient is hospitalized for 3 to 4 days after surgery. With the help of a physiotherapist, the patient begins physical therapy the same day. A day after surgery, the patient walks on two crutches with the help from a physiotherapist. During one or two weeks the patient is using only one crutch. For the next few weeks that patient continues walking with one crutch until he or she feels safe enough to remove it. Control examination in the hospital is after six weeks, then three months and then six months. After that, there are yearly control examinations.

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