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Arthroscopic Elbow Procedures

We perform the following arthroscopic elbow procedures:

  • Elbow lavage – is a surgery where through a few holes under camera control the whole elbow is examined and degenerative or inflammatory changed tissue is removed
  • Microfractures – is a surgery where small holes are drilled with special chisels in the subchondral (under the cartilage) bone after the injury of the cartilage up to the bone (4th grade severity) is verified with an MR scan. Bone marrow will come out of those small holes and will fill the defect with tissue that is partially cartilage tissue and partially a scar as a method of reparation (not regeneration) of cartilage.
  • Fixation of the osteochondral fragment – is a surgery where the partially or completely separated fragment from the bone with associated cartilage is fixed back into place with special biodegradable arrows or screws. The diagnosis is Osteochondritis dissecans. This is a disease of unknown etiology where a part of the bone is left without circulation and separates from the rest of the bone.

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