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Hip Artroscopy

Arthroscopy of the hip is a type of surgery where through a few narrow cuts, a small camera enters the hip. This method enables the surgeon to look at the structures inside the hip closely or to perform surgery without opening the hip.

Arthroscopy enables the surgeon to perform many procedures of the hip without opening it. The surgeon use san arthroscope to look at the following structures: the surface of the acetabulum, joint cartilage and labrum, etc.. Because of much load and bog mobility of the hip, pathological changes occur regularly. The most common causes are overload syndrome (damage to the labrum, joint cartilage, tendons, bursitis, labrum or joint fracture – joint facets become loose and other) or acute injuries which cause pain and limited mobility of the hip. Arthroscopy is used to treat many diseases and conditions: labrum damage, damage of the femur head ligament, removal of free and foreign objects in the joint and others. Arthroscopy, unlike open-type surgeries, enables an easier and faster recovery due to small incisions (not that invasive). Also, the risk of additional complications is reduced.

The surgeon makes 2-4 small cuts in the hip region. The arthroscope and other instruments go through those holes. The arthroscope is a narrow metal tube on which a small camera is attaches. The picture is transmitted to a display on which the surgeon sees the inside of the hip when he/she moves the arthroscope.

Two to three days after surgery, it is necessary to use crutches when walking and do the rehabilitation as soon as possible. We have a personalized rehabilitation approach at our hospital. We use kinesitherapeutic exercise to achieve more mobility for the muscles of the gluteal region, pelvis, thigh and lower back muscles, strength and proprioceptive exercise. In progression, balance and stability exercise are uses, as well as exercise which stimulate everyday patient activity (walking up the stairs, uneven terrain, jumps and other).

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