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Radiography (X-ray)

X-ray is a non-invasive diagnostic method that helps in diagnosing various diseases. X-rays involve exposing a part of the body to small doses of ionizing radiation to create an image of the body’s internal structures. It is the oldest and most commonly used diagnostic method of body imaging and dates back to 1895.

X-rays are most often used to detect changes in:

• Bone and joint system

• Chest organs

• Organs of the abdomen and pelvis

X-ray imaging of the musculoskeletal system is used for:

• Detection of traumatic bone and joint changes (bone fracture, joint dislocation, etc.)

• Monitoring of fracture healing and possible complications of healing,

• Demonstration of changes in bones and joints in inflammatory diseases of the joints,

• Display of bone anomalies,

• Demonstration of bone changes in metabolic diseases (e.g. osteoporosis), inflammation, and bone growth disorders,

• Detection of bone tumors and monitoring their treatment,

• Detection of foreign bodies visible on X-ray recordings (e.g. metal pieces, pieces of quartz glass or calcifications),

• Interventional and diagnostic procedures in radiology under X-ray control,

• Interventions in orthopedics and spinal surgery (vertebrology) under X-ray control.

X-ray imaging is a painless diagnostic method.

Lying on a hard X-ray table when imaging or the uncomfortable position of the body part being viewed during shooting can cause discomfort.

A medical radiology engineer (radiology technologist) will help you perform the examination by finding the optimal body position based on your condition and imaging protocols.

A radiologist will analyze the X-rays taken and write a radiological report. If necessary, they will discuss your findings with the doctor who referred you for the scan.

In St. Catherine Specialty Hospital we use an All axis measurement - CARESTREAM DRX - Ascend.

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