Partial (Unicompartmental) Knee Replacement

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Partial (Unicompartmental) Knee Replacement

Partial endoprosthesis have been implanted in Croatia for a long time. Their disadvantage is that the former implants could have been implanted in a small subset of patients (below 10%). Oxford partial knee endoprosthesis has been implanted for more than 40 years with superior characteristics in comparison to total knee endoprosthesis.

It is important to be careful of the indication, i.e. anteromedial arthritis (inner and anterior part of the knee) is one of the indications which is determined with radiologic procedures.

The advantages of Oxford partial knee endoprosthesis are the following:

  1. Less invasive procedure with 50% reduction in the risk of infection and 50% reduction in loss of blood
  2. Quicker recovery and return to usual activities – without crutches, no rehabilitation needed
  3. Load is allowed after the surgery – it is an endoprosthesis which allows the patient to do sport such as jogging
  4. Suitable for younger patients if you need to preserve the bone for future changes of the implant, as well as older people because of quicker recovery
  5. Short time in the hospital – patient can be discharged home the first or second day after surgery.

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