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About anesthesia

Anesthesia is a state of insensitivity of the whole body or part of the body to stimuli from the environment and thus to pain.

Anesthesia can be:

• general, with induced sleep of the patient where all sensations are blocked and reduced, including the sensation of pain,
• regional, where all sensations, including the sensation of pain, are blocked in a limited region of surgical work. At the same time, the patient is mostly awake or only slightly sleepy (sedated).

The choice of anesthesia will be made by the anesthesiologist, individually and specifically according to the type of surgical or diagnostic procedure, the patient's concomitant diseases as well as psychological tolerance to pain and the upcoming event. In the conversation with the anesthesiologist, any discomfort, fear or apprehension of the patient is accepted, according to which the way of the final performance of anesthesia will be modeled. Each form of anesthesia simultaneously requires continuous monitoring of vital functions while maintaining internal and external homeostasis within the most optimal, physiological limits.

This is possible with the existence of accompanying modern and state-of-the-art equipment. Anesthesiologists are therefore resuscitators and intensive care and treatment specialists who closely monitor the immediate recovery of the patient from anesthesia after surgery, preventing possible complications and ensuring a painless, safer and faster return to daily life.

In the St. Catherine Hospital you can arrange a specialist examination in anesthesiological clinic.

Don't be uncomfortable talking to us in the anesthesiology clinic. Feel free to ask and talk openly so that we can come up with the best solution together. Any information and / or information about your condition, habits, previous experiences in anesthesia as well as the answer to the anesthesiologist's question can be crucial information for the safe course of your anesthesia or further successful treatment of pain. For the purpose of quality preparation for anesthesia before the operative procedure in the St. Catherine Hospital, it is necessary to enclose all previous medical documentation. We provide an individual multimodal approach to the treatment of acute and chronic pain in combination with regional analgesia in accordance with the most modern doctrines of work.

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