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Examination by an Urology Specialist

Examination by an urology specialist is a crucial step in preserving urogenital health for both men and women, focusing on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of urinary tract diseases in both sexes, as well as male reproductive organs.

An urological examination typically involves taking a family history related to urological diseases (e.g., prostate, kidney, or bladder tumors in the family), as well as the patient's medical history and urological history (such as previous urological interventions, procedures, or use of specific medications). This is followed by a discussion with the urologist about existing urological complaints and/or symptoms, the duration and severity of symptoms, and any specific concerns you believe are relevant to your urogenital health and overall health status.

After the discussion, a physical examination by the urologist follows, which varies depending on gender and the symptoms you are experiencing. In men, this usually involves an examination and palpation of the abdomen, a clinical examination of the genitalia, and a digital rectal examination of the prostate (assessment of the size, elasticity, hardness, and any irregularities of the prostate through the anus with a gloved finger). On the other hand, in women, a clinical examination and palpation of the abdomen are typically performed to assess the size and sensitivity of the kidneys, along with a gynecological examination of the genital region.

Based on all the information gathered through discussion and physical examination, the urologist draws conclusions and explains them to the patient, along with a prevention or treatment plan. If necessary, the patient may be referred for additional blood tests, urine tests, imaging studies (ultrasound, Color Doppler, X-ray, MRI, CT), or other urological diagnostics and interventions. The results of these tests help the urologist obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the patient's urogenital health, after which the urologist can adequately treat the patient, prescribe therapy, and provide additional advice and instructions for maintaining health.

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