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The book “Pharmacogenetics in clinical practice: Experience with 55 drugs used in clinical practice”, edited by Prof. Dragan Primorac and Prof. Wolfgang Hoppner.

The book "Pharmacogenetics in clinical practice" written by 17 scientists and physicians from Croatia and abroad, is intended for the EU and USA markets. The book contains the most comprehensive and complete information for the clinical implementation of pharmacogenetics on the 55 most commonly used drugs in clinical practice. The book describes drugs and associated gene polymorphisms important for pharmacogenetic interpretation, indications for genetic testing, and guidance for therapy adjustment based on the recommendations of the European Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium.

The importance of the book is best illustrated by the data published by the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), which points out that in the USA alone, more than 2 million hospitalized patients have serious adverse effects of medication each year, while 106,000 die from adverse effects. Because of the above, in the USA, the health care system spends 30 billion dollars a year to treat complications caused by the harmful effects of drugs. On the other hand, recent data for Europe show that 7-13% of patients are admitted to hospital due to adverse drug reactions and that a significant part of these effects could be prevented by using pharmacogenetics.

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