Chander Mohan

Center for Ophthalmology – Glaucoma

The ophtalmologist of St. Catherine, Tamara Knežević, M.D., Ph.D., is very methodical and systematic in her approach. I visited St. Catherine for my regular annual health check-up, where she found some emerging abnormalities, which, Thank God, were in their initial stages. Therefore, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to St. Catherine Specialty Hospital's team and to doctor Tamara Knežević for their professionalism and considerate treatment. My sincere recommendations for St. Catherine Specialty Hospital to everyone.

In the photo with Tamara Knežević, M.D., Ph.D., Ophthalmology Specialist and nurse Ivana Opačić.

Gordana Večaj


GlycanAge test

I did the GlycanAge test, a patented scientific test for precisely determining individuals biological age, in order to find out the state of my immune system and the real age of my organism. After the obtained test results, I know where I stand and in what way I should take care of my health. I am very satisfied with the service in St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, whose services I have been using for years now. I would especially like to thank Andrea Skelin, Ph.D. who explained everything to me in detail. She is very professional and kind. GlycanAge testing is simple and easy, just like regular blood testing, and it can be done at St. Catherine Hospital. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Danijela Tambolaš


I came to St. Catherine Hospital for a general medical examination, which included an examination by Ivana Erceg Ivkošić, M.D. Ph.D.specialist in gynecology and obstetrics. The doctor explained everything in detail and really dedicated enough time to me. I am so impressed with the examination that I decided to share my experience, and I will definitely continue to come to the next examination. I am extremely satisfied with the approach, professionalism and kindness of the doctor. I didn't even feel the examination and Papa test. The entire experience with the team is really positive and I will be happy to come another time.

Radmil Smojver


I have been coming to St. Catherine before to do MR scans, ultrasound diagnostics and specialist examinations. I was very impressed with the complete quality of care and approach. Therefore, I decided to do a general medical examination in prevention purposes. The examination was very thorough, precise and high quality. I would recommend it! Everything was quick, without waiting. Dr. Tomislav Pavlović i Dr. Jasmina Ćatić, Ph.D. are exceptional physicians. Abroslute excellene on the highest level. Dedication to the patient, analysis, recommendations, giving advice, great approach – phenomenal! The emdical examination should be done once per year and I we will be seing each other in a year! Thanks for everything and a truly happy that I discovered the services this hospital offers in Zabok and Zagreb!

Cristiane De Olivera Dias


Service at St. Catherine Hospital is great! Reminds me of Brazil where I was born and raised. Brazil has a very well-regulated health system. My sister and her husband are gynecologists and have their own private practice, which reminded me very much of your gynecology for its high quality and equipment. I have been living in Berlin, Germany  for quite some time now, where I am not satisfied with my health service.

The executive health evaluation I had  at St. Catharine's Specialty Hospital really impressed me, and it covered everything I needed. Complete service of St. Catharine's Specialty Hospital is great and the entire medical staff is fantastic. I would like to emphasize my particular satisfaction with the gynecological examination with doctor Ivana Erceg Ivkošić. The doctor informed me in detail about everything I needed to know. She was gentle and kind with fantastic and correct approach. I'll definitely see you again.

Žaklina Jakovljević


My first impression is fantastic. The medical staff is very friendly. I received detailed instructions. I must emphasize my extreme satisfaction with the gynecological examination. The doctor is very kind and professional. She explained everything to me in detail. It has provided me with all the information I would never remember to ask, but it is very important that I know it. The review went great. It was very gentle. I didn't feel any fear. Very comfortable atmosphere and everything is very clean.



Carly is 17 years old, and for 10 years we struggled to control her anxiety, ADHD, and depression until we found the RightMed test. Having this information as part of her healthcare lead to an extreme improvement in her condition and has greatly eased Carly's mind. I’m forever grateful and thrilled to know the RightMed test exists - Sandy, mother of Carly



When I got my RightMed results, it showed that oxycodone, the medication I had been prescribed that didn’t work, was predicted to have little effect for me at a normal dose. After my test results validated this for me, I became serious about sharing them with my other doctors. I’m relieved that I finally have a resource to show doctors whenever I need new medications.

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