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St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, founded in 2011, is the largest private hospital in Croatia, a Europan Center of Excellence, which by using a multidisciplinary approach and the latest equipment provides patients with complete radiological diagnostics, orthopedic procedures and sports medicine, spine surgery with pain management, physical rehabilitation, neurology, cardiology, gynecology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, psychiatric care, ear, throat and nose diseases & head and neck surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, endocrinology, diabetes and metabolic diseases, dental medicine, medical biochemistry, hematology, plastic surgery, minimally invasive procedures in the field of proctology, abdominal and vascular surgery, regenerative medicine and the implementation of innovative methods of treatment and personalized (precise) medicine in clinical practice.

By the decision of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital has been named a part of the 'Scientific Center of Excellence for Personalized Health Care'. The Hospital is a teaching base for the medical schools of University of Split, University of Osijek, University of Rijeka and Regiomed Medical School in Bavaria. More than a hundred healthcare professionals take care for patients, including 75 top medical specialists through 18 centers of excellence. At our new location in Zagreb, Branimirova 71E, the Hospital is located on more than 4,000 m2, and in one place provides its patients with the latest diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation approach at the level of leading world health institutions.

In 2021, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital completed a multi-year evaluation of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia, Faculty of Medicine of University of Osijek, the Senate of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, the National Health Council and the Commission for Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Croatian Ministry of Health. Thus, after almost 100 years, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital became the second Orthopedic Clinic in the City of Zagreb. The status of our Hospital is the highest level of academic and scientific accreditation that enables academic advancement of physicians and is an authorized institution that conducts education of residents in orthopedics and traumatology, positioning the Hospital as a leading institution of this type.

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is the official hospital of the Croatian Football Federation, Croatian Olympic Committee, Croatian Tennis Association, Croatian Table Tennis Association, Croatian Teakwondo Federation, Croatian Karate Federation and a health institution where athletes from several major Croatian sports clubs, such as: NK Hajduk, GNK Dinamo, RNK Split, NK Slaven Belupo, NK Lokomotiva, NK Rijeka, NK Istra 1921, RK Podravka, are treated. Physicans of this health institution are leaders or members of the medical teams of the Croatian Olympic Committee and a number of sports federations. In addition, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is a scientific partner institution with Mayo Clinic and the International Society for Applied Biological Sciences, a scientific organization with five Nobel Prize Laureates. Hospital annually treats more than 50,000 patients from Croatia and abroad, and among them are top athletes from all continents.

The recognition of the hospital is in the following areas:

  • Orthopaedics & Sports medicine (diagnostics, operations and rehabilitation).

Two sporting successes related to the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital should be especially emphasized: the Croatian national football team, which is taken care of by St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, in 2018 became the football vice-champion of the world, while the Croatian Davis Cup tennis team in 2018 won one of the world's most prestigious tennis tournaments - Davis Cup.

  • Orthpaedics and Spine Surgery.

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital provides candidates for orthopaedic and spine surgeries with examination, diagnostics, surgery and rehabilitation – all medical needs in one place. No waiting and no delays.

  • Regenerative medicine (Treatment of cartilage damage by micro-fragmented adipose tissue containing mesenchymal stem cells).

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital has completed some of the most important clinical studies in the field of treating cartilage tissue damage with a stromal vascular fraction containing pericyte and mesenchymal stromal cells, during which the effects of therapy were evaluated and objectified.

  • Genetics tests

The goal is to detect at an early stage or prevent cancer and a range of other diseases, as well as to prevent sudden cardiac death.

Other achievements throughout the history of the Hospital:

In June 2015, 'The International Certification Association' (ICERTIAS) declared St. Catherine Specialty Hospital the best private hospital in the Republic of Croatia, while in the evaluation of the best brands in Croatia, St. Catherine achieved the status of Superbrands in the category of medicine in 2016.

In 2017, 'The European Business Award' announced that in the competition of 33,000 business entities from 34 countries that participated, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital was selected among the 10 best European institutions in the category 'The Award for Customer Focus'. The evaluation of the best European companies involved dignitaries from the business world, academic community and politics, including Yves Leterme, former Belgian Prime Minister, Karel De Gucht, former European Commissioner for Trade, Wim Kok, former Danish Prime Minister and many others. The award ceremony was broadcast live around the world via a video link.

In April 2017 during the 'IMTJ Medical Travel Summit' in Opatija, the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ), the leading online journal for medical tourism, awarded St. Catherine Specialty Hospital the award for excellence and innovation in medical tourism, and St. Catherine Hospital was named 'The Best International Specialty Hospital of the Year'.

In the same year, after a detailed evaluation procedure, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital becomes the first European hospital to be awarded the American 'The Global Healthcare Accreditation'

In March 2018, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital was awarded the award and recognition 'Entrepreneurs for the Centuries' for its contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in Central and South-East Europe. The award was given to St. Catherine Specialty Hospital because it's projects and activities in the field of social engagement have especially contributed to the promotion of entrepreneurship, as well as the promotion of its importance for economic and social development.

At the end of 2018, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital was awarded for the best corporate social responsibility practices in the area of 'Caring for the Community'.

In April 2019, as part of the Krapina-Zagorje County Day at the ceremony of the County Committee in Donja Stubica, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital was awarded the Krapina-Zagorje County Plaque for its contribution to the county's reputation and promotion in the country and the world.

In November 2019, during the 'Zlatna kuna' award ceremomy, St. Catherine was awarded the highest award of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce 'Recognition for Excellence, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Healthcare'.

In October 2022, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital was awarded an award in health tourism as part of the jubilee 10th Crikvenica International Health Tourism conference.

In December 2022 St. Catherine Specialty Hospital has earned the most significant global accreditation in the field of healthcare "Gold Seal of Approval®", by the world's leading accreditation institution in the field of healthcare, the Joint Commission International (JCI). St. Catherine became the first Croatian healthcare institution accredited by the JCI. JCI attested that St. Catherine Specialty Hospital works in accordance with the most excellent global healthcare standards, both in the provision of healthcare and in the area of patient safety.

In recent years, a number of athletes have been diagnosed, operated on or rehabilitated at the Hospital.

Read more about their experience in St. Catherine HERE.

Video testimonials St. Catherine Specialty Hospital's patients are available at this link.


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