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St. Catherine hospital is a proud member of the prestigious group "The Leading Hospitals of The World", while In June, 2015., The International Certification Association (ICERTIAS) announced that the St. Catherine Hospital won the top-Quality medal (QUDAL - QUality meDAL) along with award of St. Catherine Hospital being the best private hospital in the Republic of Croatia, which is all according to the customer’s/patient’s opinion and judgement. It is also worth mentioning how during the studies, the ICERTIAS was using CAWI – DEEPMA (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing – Deep Mind Awareness) methods in order to analyze and examine all the received data.

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital’s membership in the International ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend programme – “Because we care about our customers”, attests to the special care and attention that Specialty Hospital give to patients and their problems, as well their commitment towards developing long-term customer satisfaction from the very beginning – from the first phone call up to the final phase of treatment.

Nevertheless, the "Super-brands organization" based in the Great Britain (since 1995), has proclaimed St. Catherine in July 2016, as one of the strongest and the most successful brands in that year, thus, along with that, St. Catherine won “Croatia Superbrands 2016 Award” regarding its quality, reliability and distinction.

On November 6th, 2015., Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia announced that the St. Catherine Hospital become “Scientific Center of Excellence for the Personalized Medicine in the Republic of Croatia” as a part of Consortium that includes the top healthcare and scientific institutions in country and such field.

In April 2017, St. Catherine was awarded with the “Best Hospital Award” for the strong position at the national market and in international sector ratings, successful implementation of modern management technologies, staff excellence and the efficient marketing strategy . Mrs. Jadranka Primorac, M.Sc., Board Member of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital was honoured as a “Manager of the Year” by the Europe Business Assembly, Oxford, UK.

In April 2017 St. Catherine hospital has won a major international medical tourism award for their efforts in attracting international patients to Croatia. St. Catherine Specialty Hospital were named “International specialist patient centre of the year" by medical travel publication the International Medical Travel Journal Medical Travel Awards 2017 at their annual awards ceremony, the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2017.

In May 2017, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital was selected among the top 10 European companies in the category of 'The Award for Customer Focus' at the European Bussines Awards, for its business success and excellence, innovation and ethics in business. St. Catherine Specialty Hospital has been selected among 34,000 businesses that have been involved in this prestigious competition. Also, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital has won the status of the "National Champion for the Republic of Croatia in The European Business Awards".

In March 2018 St. Catherine Specialty Hospital was awarded with Award for the Development of Entrepreneurship in Central and South-East Europe „Entrepreneurs for the Centuries“.

Also, at the end of the year 2018 was awarded for best Corporate social responsibility practices in the area of "Caring for the Community".

In December 2019 during the “Zlatna Kuna” award ceremony, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital was presented with a special award "Recognition for Excellence, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Healthcare”.

In April 2019, as part of the Day of Krapinsko-zagorska County, at the ceremony of the County Committee in Donja Stubica, St Catherine Specialty Hospital was awarded the Plaque of the Krapinsko-zagorska County for its contributions in promoting the County in the country and the world.

In October 2022, St. Catherine Specialtyy Hospital was awarded an award in health tourism as part of the jubilee 10th Crikvenica International Health Tourism conference. The organizing committee of the CIHT conference made a decision to award recognition to the St. Catherine Hospital, because it is undeniable that with many years of work, she greatly contributed to the development of health tourism in Croatia and strongly positions the health system of the Republic of Croatia on the world map. It is the result of the synergy of knowledge, thinking and experience of all Hospital employees and a special thanks goes to our patients.

In December 2022 St. Catherine Specialty Hospital has earned the most significant global accreditation in the field of healthcare "Gold Seal of Approval®", by the world's leading accreditation institution in the field of healthcare, the Joint Commission International (JCI). St. Catherine became the first Croatian healthcare institution accredited by the JCI. JCI attested that St. Catherine Specialty Hospital works in accordance with the most excellent global healthcare standards, both in the provision of healthcare and in the area of patient safety. The JCI accreditation procedure lasts several years and represents the highest accreditation standard in healthcare. It is extremely demanding, both from the healthcare, financial, technological and professional aspects and objectively shows the state of individual healthcare institutions. As a result, this is why only the most excellent healthcare institutions decide to start the process of obtaining JCI accreditation, but once an institution is awarded the "Gold Seal of Approval®" by the JCI, it joins the short list of elite hospitals and strongly promotes its institution and home country. JCI constantly supervises accredited institutions and repeats the re-accreditation procedure every three years. The work of the JCI places an emphasis on the criteria of excellence in the provision of health care, which includes the evaluation of interdisciplinary and comprehensive patient care with a special emphasis on anesthesia and surgical procedures, the evaluation of therapy prescribing practices, an evaluation of the hospital IT system management, especially medical documentation, the evaluation of prevention and control infection, evaluation of the security management system, evaluation of "facility management", evaluation of the knowledge of employees and their professional competences, evaluation of the work of the hospital administration, etc. Exceptional attention is paid to the area of patient safety, which includes prevention, early detection, elimination and improved protection for patients and personnel against unwanted events during the health care process.

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