Damir Dadasović


Dr. Damir Hudetz is an exceptional and professional doctor, he explained everything to me. I'm very happy with the physical therapies. I'm feeling better now. I like the staff approach and the way it works. The whole medical staff is friendly and the atmosphere very comfortable.

Cristiane De Olivera Dias


Service at St. Catharine Hospital is great! Reminds me of Brazil where I was born and raised. Brazil has a very well-regulated health system. My sister and her husband are gynecologists and have their own private practice, which reminded me very much of your gynecology for its high quality and equipment. I have been living in Berlin, Germany  for quite some time now, where I am not satisfied with my health service.

The executive health evaluation I had  at St. Catharine's Specialty Hospital really impressed me, and it covered everything I needed. Complete service of St. Catharine's Specialty Hospital is great and the entire medical staff is fantastic. I would like to emphasize my particular satisfaction with the gynecological examination with doctor Ivana Erceg Ivkošić. The doctor informed me in detail about everything I needed to know. She was gentle and kind with fantastic and correct approach. I'll definitely see you again.

Kristina Lupinski


The injury occurred 15 years ago, after which my knee popped up frequently and I had to watch my every move. After several diagnoses from various experts, I was told that my knee would stabilise when development stopped, but that did not happen. At St. Catherine's Specialty Hospital, Damir Hudetz, M.D., Ph.D. did the reconstruction of the patellofemoral ligament and solved my problem. In the next 2 months, I'll be going to the physical therapy. I feel much better and am grateful to St. Catherine's Hospital. Big thanks to the entire staff, to prim Rod, physiotherapist Daniela on expertise and assistance.

Renata Fucak


The atmosphere in physical therapy is great and all the therapists are great, with Maya, there are also dear Ivan, Vesna, Jelena and physical therapist Nino. Very positive and cheerful, great support at all times. I'm very happy with everything. Progress is visible. I feel better and the pain is less.

Dubravko Lončarić


Everything was great. Knee surgery with a minimally invasive method went great. The other day I got back on my feet and went home. All doctors and other medical staff are at a very high level. I immediately went into physical therapy. The concept of therapy is excellent. Physiotherapists are expert and kind. Everything is clean. Very comfortable atmosphere.

Žaklina Jakovljević


My first impression is fantastic. The medical staff is very friendly. I received detailed instructions. I must emphasize my extreme satisfaction with the gynecological examination. The doctor is very kind and professional. She explained everything to me in detail. It has provided me with all the information I would never remember to ask, but it is very important that I know it. The review went great. It was very gentle. I didn't feel any fear. Very comfortable atmosphere and everything is very clean.

Bernard Pereković


I have only had positive experiences with St. Catherine Hospital, doctors and nurses. The service is at a very high level. My opinion is that doctor Eduard Rod, M.D., Ph.D., is great. He explained everything to me in every detail, very kind, approachable and professional. I knew what to expect from the procedure and what awaited me after the procedure. I had shoulder surgery and everything went fine.

Vlado Kljak


From one to ten, St. Catherine Hospital is ten +! Fantastic staff… all very friendly, all doctors, anesthesiologist, surgeon, nurses… all great. I came to St. Catherine Hospital for her great confidence. Knee surgery went great. All my expectations were absolutely met.

Anita Karaman


I wanted so much to be treated at St. Catherine Hospital that even from Dubrovnik I came to Zagreb for physical therapy. The reason why I chose St. Catherine Hospital is because of an exceptional reputation and all the positive comments I have heard so far. When I arrived at the hospital, I was particularly impressed by this freshness, cleanliness and attitude towards people. I gained a great deal of confidence in St. Catherine Hospital that exceeded my expectations. I came here after a cramp injury, my legs were shaking, I was in terrible pain. I'm feeling much better now, and the pain has decreased a lot. I'm in great shape, all thanks to my dear Mrs. Maja. I'm actually sad it's over. If I could I would take Mrs. Maja with me to Dubrovnik. All praise for the staff and service. High quality and great kindness.

Božica Dolenac


I entrusted my long-standing spine pain problem to the vertebrology team of St. Catherine Hospital. I was rehabilitated after an individual intervention procedure.

My husband successfully treated his knee pain at the Orthopedic Center and underwent a detailed diagnostic treatment, and now our quality of life has improved significantly after targeted and personalized treatment.

I look forward to finding many health conditions in one place quickly and accurately in the hands of the best professionals. This is a hospital whose staff has proven that their patients come first. Always ready to help and even if the have to get out of their way, they have an understanding of the patient's issues and many issues that plague us when we see a doctor. So far, we have entrusted every health problem to them and will continue to recommend them with full confidence to everyone, from the bottom of our hearts.



Carly is 17 years old, and for 10 years we struggled to control her anxiety, ADHD, and depression until we found the RightMed test. Having this information as part of her healthcare lead to an extreme improvement in her condition and has greatly eased Carly's mind. I’m forever grateful and thrilled to know the RightMed test exists - Sandy, mother of Carly



When I got my RightMed results, it showed that oxycodone, the medication I had been prescribed that didn’t work, was predicted to have little effect for me at a normal dose. After my test results validated this for me, I became serious about sharing them with my other doctors. I’m relieved that I finally have a resource to show doctors whenever I need new medications.

Barbel Haussmann


For almost seven years I’ve had a huge problems with my spine, which kept me from performing my everyday chores or just live my regular life; I couldn’t sit for a long period of time, drive a car, work at a computer, and when I would want to get up I would be in a lot of unbearable pain. That lead me to seek solution in renowned German and American hospitals, and after almost seven years, my frustration became even greater because I experienced no progress, and I could not live normally and deal with everyday life.
A friend of mine recommended St. Catherine Specialty Hospital to me, and I did my due diligence and found out that the hospital was a center of excellence and had amazing medical experts for spinal issues, which lead me to finally come to Croatia and begin with my treatment.
St. Catherine Specialty Hospital team, led by Dr. Darko Perović, after initial investigations, opted for the radio frequency ablation procedure, which is a treatment of nerve branches on the joints of my spine. The procedure lasted only 2 hours, under local anesthesia, and I left the hospital the same day.
Right after coming back from the hospital, I felt much better. All of a sudden, all the daily activities seemed effortless and I didn’t feel any pain and struggle that I felt before. Truly, after a very long time, I felt like I was born again. If you can imagine the feeling of not being able to sit, or water the flowers in your garden, or drive a car, etc. Now, I can do all these things thanks to St. Catherine’s team.
I would once again like to thank St. Catherine Specialty Hospital team from the bottom of my heart for being so amazing and professional and for everything they have done for me. I will always gladly share my experience and recommend St. Catherine hospital to my friends in Germany and other countries.
Thank you, St. Catherine!

Husein Al-Faris Al-RIkabi


It was a real fortune that I have come to Croatia, to Catherine Specialty Hospital, and I can’t believe that after so many years I will finally walk away without any walking aid. I would like to thank everybody who was involved in my surgical procedure which made it possible for me to walk again.

Obitelj/family Abdulkerimov

I would like to thank our surgeon Dr. Darko Antičević for an amazingly done job, and to the anesthesiologist who was present all through the surgery.
Thank you to all the doctors of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, and the entire medical staff for their professional and dedicated work. We would also like to thank Natalija Zalović, our interpreter for being an outstanding human and giving us support during those trying times, for being available to us at all times and for translating everything for us. We are very satisfied with everything.
Once again, thank you! May God bless you all!

Aslana Dzihindzolia


I would like to express my outmost gratitude to the entire St. Catherine Specialty Hospital staff in Zagreb for giving us an amazingly warm welcome. I didn’t even feel like I was in another country. My daughter Aslana was treated amazingly, and all the preoperative procedures were done with great care. The surgery was a success! Aslana now feels really good, and I’m now able to see my child enjoying her everyday life again!
I know true meaning of life now!
I would specially like to thank our surgeon for treating us with such care. Every day after the surgery, he inquired about Aslana’s health, and we stayed in touch with him throughout all that period. After the surgery, our daughter received lots of presents and she was so happy about that. Even to this day, she can’t stop telling everybody about her experiences. 
Also, I’d specially like to thank Natalija Zalović, our coordinator for treating us with such care, all her efforts were priceless!
Thanks to her, we were able to come to Croatia for surgery. She dealt with all our visa issues, and was a tremendous support to us in everything! When some issues occurred, she was always there for us to help and console us. She is such a big hearted and warm person!
Thank you and good luck with everything!

Shukina Nadezhda


We loved your hospital. It’s very comfortable and up to every standard. We were pleasantly surprised by the medical staff. The nurses are very caring, professional and kind.
My child had two surgeries done in the hospital, and both went really well. We truly trusted your doctors’ great potential from the get go, and found comfort in knowing that we’re putting our child’s care in trust of such professionals.
I’m very happy that all our expectations came true. Your doctors are top quality. Your hospital provided us with an interpreter (Natalija Zalović) who was always available to us, 24/7, during our stay in Croatia, and she was always ready to help. She helped us with all the necessary documentation required for our coming to Croatia.
I would also like to thank your administrative department for doing such a great job.
I give you ten out of ten.

Kelsie Anne Dunnage


Thanks so much for your kind care. You made the experience easy and stress free. Thanks Kelsie

Oxana Walker


In Dubai customer service has the highest standards, therefore, comparing to our standard and professionalism - St. Catherine Hospital has definitely exceeded it. In all honesty, I have not seen anywhere in the world such high knowledge and professionalism of the Doctors and Professors, which I've seen in St. Catherine Hospitals in Croatia.The treatment was innovative and definitely breakthrough in medicine, because only few hospitals in the world just started pioneering it and St. Catherine Hospital mastered it to the highest standards and success rate. I feel that I can trust the Doctors 100 per cent without even looking for a second opinion. If I will ever need any other treatments then the first point of reference will be St. Catherine Hospital and no other!

Wanda Freeman


My time with “family” at Specijalna Bolnica Sv. Katarina has come to an end. I will truly miss the staff and services. Having been in Croatia from the States for about six months, I was a little apprehensive about what to expect when I found myself in need of major medical care. But I’m happy to say that from rotator cuff surgery on a very messed up shoulder by Dr. Rod to about 18 months of rehabilitation, I have nothing but good things to say about my experience. I found the doctors, staff and physical therapists abundantly capable, professional, personable, and caring. They are well informed and believe in on going educational and professional development in order to bring new and innovative experiences to care for the overall health of their clients. Jelana Kelemen, ( to whom I was assigned, and I can’t praise her enough), Ozren Mastisic, Vesna Labar, and Nino Culina, the physical therapy family, work well together giving the center a calm, stress free environment for the rehabilitative “torture” needed to guide clients back to health. As I travel away from Zagreb, I fear I will not find as satisfactory an experience for the work I need on my knees as I have found here. I will forever be indebted to Sv. Katerina rehabilitation of Zagreb.

Robbie Richmond


Thank you to everyone at St.Catherine! Everything from the care to the surgery was extremely professional. I was made to feel very welcome. I would recommend the hospital to anyone. I can not speak highly enough at the care and treatment I received. Many thanks.

Obitelj/family Lopatkini

I would, sincerely, like to thank all the doctors and staff of St. Catherine hospital, for your kindness and care. We couldn’t even imagine that our son Nazar would have to go through such a difficult operation, but with such a successful outcome. I especially want to thank Dr. Darko Antičević, whose hands are really made of gold. We are really glad that the surgery was performed at your hospital. We also want to thank Natalija Zalović, she is not just an interpreter, but also a wonderful person. She was always by our side, even when the times got really tough. I am very happy that I was able to meet a person like her. May God bless you and provide you with good health!
We truly thank you all! Best of luck!

Mitrofanova Kristina

We loved everything about this hospital. The treatment from the doctors and the entire medical staff was superb. Even the food was amazing. Everybody treated my son with great care, and always managed to make time for him.
Special thanks to our surgeon Dr. Darko Antičević, to the anesthesiologist and everyone who participated in the operation. I bow to you all! Also, we would like to thank Natalija Zalović, our coordinator. She was available to us at all the time of the day and night. She helped us very much from the time of our arrival to the time of the operation. She was there for us during all those days we were in the hospital. We are very happy that we made a choice to come to your hospital.
Thank you very, very much!!

Ehorushyna Taisiia

My name is Ehorushyna Taisiia, and I’m a mother of a little girl named Sofia. On May 20th, 2017. she went through a surgery in St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. I’d like to thank Dr. Darko Antičević for having such hands of gold, and for performing great miracles. Also, I’d like to thank everyone in your hospital for your support and warmth you showed to us, and for treating all the children like they’re your own. Sofia now has a new shin, and thanks to you she can walk again.
A huge thank you to the anesthesiologist Slobodan Mičić for being so generous with his time and attention he showed to Sofia. The medical staff is very caring and is always ready to help if needed.
Another special thank you to Natalija Zalović for being so caring and supportive, she has been with us to this day.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!

Obitelj/family Rotary

Our daughter Rotary Liubov had a left shin surgery in St. Catherine hospital in Zabok on May 15th, 2017. 
We would like to truly thank the entire staff of St. Catherine, to the orthopedic department, Professor Dr. Darko Antičević (and to his hands of gold), to the anesthesiologist, and all the medical professionals and nurses who were present during the surgery for an amazingly done job and all the care they showed!
We would specially like to thank Natalija Zalović for her assistance, interpreting, all the care and support she showed to us.
To the entire staff we wish best of luck in their professional endeavors, and we appreciate all the hard and dedicated work they’ve been doing.
Thank you everyone!

Darko Retel

Greetings! My name is Darko Retel. I live in Perth, Western Australia. I have read online about a new method (a stem cell application extracted from adipose tissue) for treating knees. I contacted the staff of St. Catherine Hospital in Zabok in May this year. I was immediately admitted so that I was undergoing surgery on May 22nd. After two weeks, I felt an improvement. Now, 3 months later, I can say that I walk normally and for a long time, that any knee pain is minimal or almost none. I exercise on an athletic bike and swim 3 times a week. Dr. Hudetz first operated on me and then examined me before returning to Australia and was very pleased with my progress. Personally, I am more satisfied, because I do not have to change my knee, and walking normally again is an indescribable success. I can only say "A dream that has become a reality". Many thanks to Dr. Hudetz. The hospital staff are also highly professional and helpful. The hospital itself is very modern and clean and the food is great. Once again, a big thank you to Mrs. Ranogajec, Sister Tihana and others.

Ana Mesar Bursać


Getting an appointment is fast and the hospital staff is very kind.

Andreja Iljaš

director of HIŠA IDEJ d.o.o.

As part of my business has been related to health marketing for many years, I have the opportunity to gain insight into different healthcare practices. When I myself had an emergency, the diagnosis and therapy of the staff of St. Catharine was so professional that it was beyond question that I also leave my employees with top experts through a highly detailed high-level managerial review.

Recommending in every way!

Ante Katić


Many thanks to all the staff and doctors of St. Catharine, who is more than professional and kind ... Care, expertise, access to patients ... Everything was just great, and I recommend it to anyone who needs care and assistance.

Božena Žmegač


All the praise to the hospital. No waiting. Professional staff and very kind.

Danijel Lenart


A modern hospital with professional staff.

Dalibor Pešić


I was pleasantly surprised by the individual approach, the quick examinations and the solutions for my knee pain with Dr. Hudetz. The professionalism, kindness and expertise of the doctor made my stay at St. Catherine complete which is why I give them my trust for the future.

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