The importance of research

Scientific research is the basis of development and advances in medicine. It is done with the aim of searching for new or enhancing the already existing knowledge. Then, it's used for the good of a specific or general population. In St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, in which we do both clinical and basic research, special emphasis is put on a personalized patient approach.

Clinical research is done with voluntary patient consent with a few aims. It is extremely important to determine the efficacy and safety of certain therapeutic methods or drugs, as well as its economic benefit. The aim of all our clinical research is, above all, to improve the quality of life of our patients. After collecting the desired results after a certain period of time, and analysis is done and conclusion is drawn. An example of a clinical research we did is the injection of microfragment stromal vascular fraction with mesenchymal stem cells in the knees of people with osteoarthritis and proved that after 24 months in as many as 85% of patients, great results are achieved. This research was published in the prestigious scientific journal Genes (1). Because of the excellent results, this method of treating osteoarthritis can be done at our hospital.

By doing research, we are implementing this so-called translational medicine where we achieve the connection between basic, clinical or population studies and implementation of these results in everyday medical practice with the aim of improving health care and quality of life of patients.

Conferences and events which we organize are ideal places not only for presenting the most important scientific research to colleagues from all around the world, but also a place of networking and collaborating on many fields. St. Catherine Specialty Hospital who was the proud organizer of one of the most important scientific events in 2019. the 11th ISABS Conference which was done in collaboration Mayo Clinic, one of the most respected healthcare institutions in the world, gathered four Nobel Laureates among numerous top scientists from the whole world. Furthermore, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital has quality collaboration with many reputable institutions to implement the concept of personalized medicine into clinical practice in the best possible way for the benefit of all patients.

The long list of all published scientific research, books and presentations on national and international conferences from our physicians can be found on this link.

Therefore, contact us with trust!

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