The Hospital is registered to perform the following activities: radiological diagnostics, orthopedic procedures, spine surgery with pain treatment, sports medicine, physical rehabilitation, neurology, cardiology, gynecology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, endocrinology, diabetes and metabolic diseases, dental medicine, ear, nose and throat diseases, psychiatric support, plastic surgery, medical biochemistry, minimally invasive procedures in the field of proctology and vascular surgery, ophthalmology, hemology, regenerative medicine and the implementation of innovative methods of treatment and personalized (precision) medicine in clinical practice. In addition to an extremely experienced and internationally educated medical team, the Hospital has specialist-consultative clinics, radiology, three operating rooms, an orthopedics department (15 beds equipped for 24-hour intensive care), a day hospital for one-day surgery (6 beds), and a unit after - operational supervision (4 beds), standardized and equipped for 24-hour intensive supervision. The Hospital applies the latest technologies and treatment procedures in cooperation with leading European and American institutions and experts, which guarantees excellence in the Hospital following the highest world standards of good medical practice. St. Catherine is one of the hospitals in this part of Europe that, in one place, with a multidisciplinary approach, using the most modern equipment and the latest treatment procedures, enables top diagnostics, the best therapeutic-surgical procedure, and individually prepared rehabilitation. Undoubtedly, this is a guarantee for the fastest and most painless return to normal life with a quality solution to the health problem.

The state-of-the-art operating rooms are equipped with Dräger ceiling tripods on which Arthrex endoscopic medical equipment is installed. Two 32 "Arthrex 4K monitors are mounted on Simeon Medical's LED ceiling lights in each room. Each operating lamp is equipped with a high-resolution camera for recording and/or observing the operating field, and each operating room has one high-resolution ambient camera.

The most modern operating rooms in this part of Europe
St. Catherine Specialty Hospital thus became the first institution in the Republic of Croatia equipped with an integrated and interconnected system of operating rooms that enables visualization in 4K resolution in real time

Two monitors with 24 "and 49" computers are placed in steel wall panels in each operating room.

These systems allow patient data to be available at any time and can be projected on any of the monitors within the same operating room, in another operating room as well as in the doctor's room and/or conference room. The system allows two-way communication with doctors anywhere in the world in real-time.

The image sharing system performs the entire process in 4K resolution and is a huge advantage for doctors because the visualization details are four times more accurate compared to HDTV technology.

St. Catherine is the first private institution in the Republic of Croatia equipped with an integrated system that enables real-time visualization in 4K resolution.

The complete surgical visualization system is fully integrated with existing BIS and RIS systems, and the surgeon can call up to four different image sources on each monitor in front of him at any time, whether previously performed radiological examinations in our or another institution, or that it is an image coming from a device currently in the operating room such as a C-arc, a mobile X-ray, or an operating microscope.

The integration of operating rooms was performed in cooperation with Arthrex, which was the first in the world to present endoscopic cameras in 4K resolution in 2014.

Of the equipment, 3 new Arthrex 4K resolution endoscopic poles should be highlighted with all the necessary equipment for orthopedic minimally invasive procedures, each of which is equipped with two 4K monitors. In addition to standard arthroscopic procedures, it is possible to perform endoscopic procedures in other areas of surgery such as the abdomen, chest, ENT, gynecology, or urology.

S. Catherine is equipped with the latest Siemens - MAGNETOM Lumina with BioMatrix magnetic field system 3 T and Siemens - MAGNET Avanto, A Tim System, 1.5 T magnetic field. MR recording with Siemens - MAGNET Lumina with 3T BioMatrix is ​​the fastest diagnostic MR recording. The magnetic resonance imaging device in St. Catherine is characterized by a unique combination of the main magnet and the leading gradient technology, making it the first and only MR device of its kind in Croatia, which together with the revolutionary image collection technique brings invaluable benefits in diagnostics. The Hospital has two ultrasound devices GE Logiq S7 and S8 equipped with Color Doppler technology for color blood flow, a Philips Epiq 7, three Philips Affiniti (70, 50, and 30) ultrasound devices, and one Vivid S70n ultrasound device featuring the latest technology in cardiac diagnostics.

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital also provides her patients with X-ray imaging services with the CARESTREAM DRX - Ascend; then mammography services Siemens MAMMOMAT Revelation device with 50° with tomosynthesis (3D mammography) and wide-angle imaging technology and GE Lunar Prodigy device for densitometry which can measure the composition of the whole body, and is characterized by the ability to measure and differentiate percentage and weight of visceral fat concerning the subcutaneous adipose tissue of the abdomen.

The Center for Neurology of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is equipped with the latest generation of devices for EMNG, EEG, and evoked potentials, while the Center for Gastroenterology is equipped with state-of-the-art video endoscopes from Fujifilm, one of the leading endoscopic equipment companies. Special care is dedicated to disinfection and machine washing and storage of Getting instruments, which makes us unique in Croatia.

In one of the most modern gastroenterological clinics you can perform gastroscopy with and without anesthesia, colonoscopy with and without anesthesia, ultrasound of the abdomen, Color Doppler of the abdomen, Color Doppler of abdominal blood vessels, liver elastography (non-invasive assessment of the severity of liver damage), polypectomy, Helicobacter pylori (on gastroscopy).

One of the most comprehensive rehabilitation programs in the Republic of Croatia is performed in our Hospital and includes treatment of painful joints and spine after injuries (sports injuries, overexertion syndromes) or due to degenerative diseases (arthrosis, degenerative changes of the spine) and then preoperative and postoperative rehabilitation after orthopedic and surgical procedures. Physical therapy of the St. Catherine Hospital is equipped with the latest medical equipment and exercise equipment: CYBORG MAG magnetotherapy machine, Compex neuro-muscular stimulation device, Sonoplus 692 electrotherapy and ultrasound machine, Mphi 5 laser, Fiziotek / Kinetek, Termopress cryo-thermo-compression device, Tehno Gym exercise equipment (bicycle, treadmill, kinessi one), Sigma balancing platform, Swiss Dolorclast shock wave therapy device. Other equipment includes Pilates balls, sticks, straps, mats, bearings, rollers, pillows, medicine balls, Swedish ladders, etc., and a Biofeedback therapy device.

St. Catherine Dental Center is equipped with the most modern equipment with which we provide patients with the highest quality service, nurturing the highest standards of excellence. Our Dental practice in Zagreb is one of the few that has a modern dental microscope (Karl Kaps, Germany) and individualized magnifying glasses for each doctor. The X-ray device owned by our dental practice in Zagreb is characterized by a minimum radiation dose, and up to 90% lower compared to classic X-ray devices, which makes it extremely safe to use. It is the most advanced and state-of-the-art Ortophos SL 3D device from the renowned German manufacturer Dentsply Sirona, one of the few in Croatia. The dental center is also equipped with the most advanced diode laser from the renowned German manufacturer Dentsply Sirona, SiroLaser Blue.

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