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RightMed® test

Pharmacogenetic testing at the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital - RightMed® test

Pharmacogenetic testing at the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital - RightMed® test

The RightMed® test is a comprehensive pharmacogenetic test that we have been developing for years in cooperation with OneOme (Spin-off company of the American Mayo Clinic) and which determines how your body processes (metabolizes) certain drugs through the analysis of your DNA. The test results based on the analysis of 25 genes, whose protein products are various enzymes, transporters and receptors, clearly indicate which drugs are most effective for you and which are not.

Have you ever wondered why certain drug is effective for others and not for you? Or why did you have a certain side effect while taking a certain drug, while other people using the same drug did not have them?

It is known that when taking a particular medication, your body's response to the medication depends on many factors, including gender, weight, age, diet, other drugs and the influence of environmental factors, such as cigarette smoke, fresh citrus juices.

Your genetic code can also have a big impact on the response to a particular drug. In fact, genetic factors can affect up to 95% of the way you respond to medications.

Genes are segments of DNA, and variations (mutations) in your DNA are what make you special. The different gene variants that you inherit from your mother and father determine your specifics, from eye color to the rate at which drugs are metabolized.

Depending on your genes, your body may break down the medication too slowly or too quickly. If you metabolize the drug too slowly, you may be exposed to excessive amount of drug, which can result in an adverse reaction to the drug. On the other hand, if you metabolize a drug too quickly, you will not have enough concentration of the drug in your blood for desired effect of that drug. The RightMed® test helps your physician choose the most effective medication for you.

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