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Ultrasound of the Abdomen

Ultrasound is not painful or uncomfortable for the patient. Most of the examinations are performed with the patient lying on the bed, with exposed part of the body that is being examined (abdomen). The doctor applies gel before starting the examination to prevent the presence of air between the skin and the ultrasonic probe. The probe is a part of the apparatus that is placed on the observed organ. Structures under the probe appear on the screen and can be analyzed for any deviations from normal size or shape (cysts, tumors, shadows, etc.)

Gastric ultrasound may indicate the retention of food in the stomach, but can not give precise information about the stomach itself.

The intestinal ultrasound may indicate possible enlargement of the bowel during bowel inflammation, and sometimes larger colon cancer can be observed.

The appendix ultrasound ("blind eye") is a method that has long been used to diagnose acute appendicitis.


Practically no preparation is necessary. However, it is recommended that the patient comes to the Polyclinic on an empty stomach, since the gallbladder is better displayed in that way. It is useful to bring any old findings of ultrasound or other examinations.

If the patient has a lot of gas in the intestine, then a proper preparation should be arranged in advance.

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