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In St. Catherine Specialty Hospital in Zabok we perform kifoplasty the best technique which is used in painful vertebra fractures caused by osteoporosis, but also tumor metastases which expand to the spine.

As osteoporosis problems, because of which the bone becomes very sensitive, fragile and easily breakable, occur most often in women after menopause, and especially after 70 when senile osteoporosis takes place. The most common patients with these problems are women.

Because of its minimally invasive procedure, kifoplasty is a high quality and effective method of treatment. The goal of the procedure is with the use of balloon dilatation with contrast matter to regain the height of the shortened vertebra before the fracture which happened due to poor bone mineralization and to stabilize it in that position using bone cement.

Therefore, kifopasty is the most modern way to achieve effective results because before application of cement, the balloon dilatates. It makes good space to inject cement. The course of the surgery is relatively short and takes just one hour.

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