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What does a basic specialist examination include?

Find out how to prepare for an otorhinolaryngologist examination.

The basic specialist ENT examination enables the detection and early diagnostics of various ear, nose, and throat diseases in children and adults. The examination includes ear examination with otoendoscope, nose examination with a nasal speculum, throat examination (indirect laryngoscopy), and thyroid node and lymph node examination in the head and neck area (palpation). No special preparation is required for the examination itself.

Otorhinolaryngologist examination

As part of the basic specialist examination, it is possible to perform several diagnostic and therapeutic procedures:

Fiberoendoscopic examination of the nasal cavities, sinuses, epipharynx (third tonsil), throat, and larynx (vocal cords). It is performed with a modern fiber-optic camera, lasts a few minutes, and is painless, but requires the cooperation of patients.

Ear irrigation and aural toilet are used to clean the outer part of the ear (ear canal) from accumulated dirt, cerumen, or secretions. It is performed with very thin and fine suctions under the control of an endoscope or microscope.

Acumetric assessment of hearing disorders with the help of a musical tuner (jaw).

Vestibulological treatment - examination of balance disorders and dizziness with the help of Frenzel goggles, which includes: an examination of spontaneous and visual nystagmus, Dix- Hallpike test, Head-trust test, Romberg test, and Fukada test.

Bimanual repositioning of nasal bones and external fixation after injury and fracture of the nose.

Biopsies of changes in the nose, oral cavity, or skin and pathohistological analysis of taken samples.  

Surgical treatment of minor skin changes and minor changes in the oral cavity.

Bacteriological and mycological swabs of the ear, nose, and pharynx.

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