Vita Mandekić (majka Ines Mandekić)


Tonsillectomy – Tonsil Surgery

„Due to frequent inflammations (angina) that were treated with antibiotics and the daughter's PFAPA syndrome - the otorhinolaryngologist's recommendation was tonsillectomy. However, due to the long period of waiting for the surgery appointment in the public hospital and due to the fear that the appointment could be prolonged again because of a recurrence of the disease, which has already happened once before, we decided to contact St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. The very next day after the contact, a follow-up examination was scheduled with Mislav Malić, M.D., Ph.D., FEBORL-HNS, otorhinolaryngology specialist, and the tonsillectomy itself was arranged on the eighth day after the examination. Antibiotic protection was also arranged as a preventive measure before the procedure, so that the surgery would not have to be postponed due to illness. During the examination and before the surgery, the doctor and nurses provided us with all the necessary information regarding the procedure itself, the course of the surgery, and treatment and care after the procedure. The hospital staff is friendly, the nurses are very kind, cheerful and patient. The surgery itself went well, as did the postoperative recovery at home. The procedure was performed at 8 AM, and at 2 PM we were already discharged home. My daughter Vita has only a positive memory of the whole experience in the Hospital and says that all nurses (especially nurse Silvija) and doctor Malić are the best ever. As parents, we would recommend St. Catherine Specialty Hospital to everyone because of the wonderful staff and the attitude towards the patients, as well as their companions.“

The patient undewent tonsil surgery  (Tonsillectomy). The procedure was performed by Mislav Malić, M.D., Ph.D., FEBORL-HNS, otorhinolaryngology specialist.

Danijela Basta

Tonsil Surgery – tonsillectomy

„I am very satisfied with the complete service in St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. I would recommend to everyone who have problem with the tonsils that they dont delay the operation (of course on the recommendation of a specialist) and not to read forums, than to seek only expert advice. Before the operation, I received all the information I needed. The medical staff took excellent care of me and I commend their approach. Recovery after surgery is quick. Immediately after the procedure, I felt very good."

The patient undewent tonsil surgery – tonsillectomy. The procedure was performed by Mislav Malić, M.D., Ph.D., FEBORL-HNS, otorhinolaryngology specialist.

Erik Orlić (Barbara Orlić)

Surgical removal of the adenoids - adenoidectomy

„I would like to take this opportunity to thank dr. Bumber and all the wonderful nurses from the 4th floor. Erik was this week, and my daughter in the December last year, for tonsil surgery, and both times everyone was so kind, patient and attentive that the surgery did not leave us with any trauma, only positive memories. The children are finally breathing through their noses.“

The patient underwent surgical removal of the adenoids - adenoidectomy. The procedure was performed by Boris Bumber, M. D., Ph. D., Otorhinolaryngologist, Subspecialist in Head and Neck Plastic Surgery.

In the photo with the our nurses: Danijela Hadrović, Jelena Ilijaš, Silvija Smoljan, Andrijana Rajič i Anamarija Divjak.

Barbara Topolovec


Endoscopic myringoplasty – eardrum reconstruction

"I am very satisfied with the overall service and approach at St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. I would like to praise every single employee of the Hospital, everyone is very approachable, extremely kind and at your service whenever you need help. I would especially like to praise Mislav Malić, M.D., Ph.D.. From the first examination, doctor Malić explained everything to me in a very detailed and layman's way, and we easily agreed on the operation that followed. The procedure itself was successful, the pain was minimal, and the recovery was very quick. I feel great. Because of this individual and friendly approach to the patient, I did not feel afraid. On the contrary, I felt completely safe before, during and after the procedure, which is commendable and definitely a big advantage of St. Catherine Hospital, which I would recommend to everyone."

The patient underwent endoscopic myringoplasty (eardrum reconstruction). The procedure was performed by Mislav Malić, M.D., Ph.D., FEBORL-HNS, otorhinolaryngology specialist.

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