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What is Invisalign?

Almost 20 years ago the American company Align tech created with the Invisalign a revolution in the dentistry market, for being the first to offer a modern, functional and aesthetic alternative to fixed dentures. The protocol for Invisalign is the same as for other transparent braces; the diagnostics and determination of goals agreed with the patient, taking of impressions, therapy design, visualisation, hand out of aligner, wearing and retention. Opposed to other systems, it is the only one on the market with a patented, protected three-layer folio and the most advance software for therapy planning. Probably the most therapies in the world have been planned and carried out with Invisalign: today this number is reaching 5 Million. The only disadvantage of Invisalign is its relatively high price. Furthermore, the dentist needs to have good knowledge of the system and the biomechanics of teeth shifting in order to successfully plan the therapy, making experience crucial. If Invisalign is properly planned and regularly worn the therapy advances extremely smoothly, which is exactly what justifies the “premium” leading position of Invisalign in the market. Invisalign retainers „Vivera“ are also more special than the other; they are extraordinary resilient to wear and comfortable for wearing, whereby they keep the teeth for a very long period in the position. Vivera retainers are packed three pieces per each jaw, providing a certain security; namely, should one be lost or damaged, you always have the second and the third. Additional aligners are ordered on-line, it is not necessary to make new impressions and they are made after the final situation of the mouth is scanned, thus ensuring preciseness in fitting and quality.

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