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Dental crowns and bridges

Our dentists are top experts who, after a detailed examination, will suggest the most efficient and aesthetically best type of prosthetics and help you reconstruct your smile and make your life healthier.

Visit us and check out why to choose the St. Catherine Dental Centre:

  • oral rehabilitation
  • 3D printed replacements
  • CAD/CAM dental restorations
  • cementless crowns (zircon)
  • ceramic flakes
  • aesthetic reconstruction of a smile

What is dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is field of dentistry dealing with diagnostics, planning and making of replacements for lost teeth, in order to re-establish the balance of aesthetic, phonetic, chewing, occlusion and psycho-social function of the stomatognathic system. Prosthetic replacements include veneers, crowns, bridges, prothesis or fixed treatments on implants.

Course of procedure

The dentists, in agreement with the patient, make a treatment plan. The procedure itself starts with tooth sanding and taking of moulds. Moulds are sent to dental technicians for crown making. Prior to the ending of the treatment respectively permanent cementing of the crown, the patient comes to test the shape and colour of the crown in order to achieve the most natural appearance. At any moment the patient has provisory teeth, so that he never leaves our clinic toothless.

Dental crown and types

A crown is a fixed prosthetic work that is made on a tooth that needs reconstruction due to the damage caused (fractures, wear, treated teeth and tooth discoloration) and protection against further decay. We use CAD/CAM technology and individualization by a dental technician because we want to maximally individualize the replacement for each patient.

Types of dental crowns:

  • acrylic (composite) - used only as a temporary solution while waiting for the final crown
  • ceramic metal - crowns made of metal base coated with ceramics
  • metal-free - pure ceramic dental crown
  • zircon ceramic crowns - a type of all-ceramic crowns made of zircon base coated with ceramic or from one block with the latest CAD/CAM technology

CAD/CAM i 3D printing

Unlike big and hectic practises that open their own dental laboratories to save money, employ an inexperienced and unprofessional workforce and then work independently on all types of replacements, we believe in an individualized approach. We leave prosthetic works to experienced, specialized associates - dental technicians. Although such an approach is more expensive and complex, exclusive partner dental laboratories in Zagreb provide us with speed and precision of work with maximum individualization of aesthetics and high quality (guarantee for each work).

Ceramic veeners

Ceramic veneers are part of the minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry. They are ultra-thin, precise ceramic laminates made in highly specialized dental laboratories. They are cemented to the front surface of minimally grinded (diamond polishing of front surface) or even not grinded teeth (non-prep veneers). With veneers it is possible to change the shape and colour of teeth and achieve a perfect smile. They are an elegant solution for certain cosmetic problems (slightly displaced teeth, worn out teeth and small teeth, dark teeth and separated teeth – diastemas). Sometimes veneers may substitute wearing of dental braces and may correct small irregularities of tooth position. It is not possible to place them in case of bad (traumatic) bite or severely worn out teeth with large fillings. Following a thorough examination and bite analysis our dentists will tell you whether veneers are the ideal solution for your teeth or if it is necessary to first wear some type of dental braces / reconstruct the bite.


A bridge is a fixed prosthetic treatment which replaces the lost tooth by preparing (sanding) the neighbouring teeth serving as support for the tooth which needs to be replaced.

Inlay, Onlay and Overlay

Inlay, Onlay and Overlay are prosthetic replacements for teeth. They are used for reconstruction of teeth damaged by caries or trauma, and are similar to ordinary fillings. They are excellent alternative to crowns for patients who prefer a minimally invasive treatment.

Who is a candidate

Loss of natural teeth diminishes many functions like chewing, speech and appearance. Thus, replacement of lost teeth is needed.

In order to make prosthetic replacements maximally natural and individual, all treatments are performed in cooperation with dental technicians. This because in spite of all modern technology that we use, for a personalized approach cooperation between a dental technician and the dentist is necessary, whereby the “machines” are only one of our tools for achieving long-lasting quality.

Contact us with confidence and make an appointment where our experts will recommend the best individualized therapy.

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