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Basic clinical obesity treatment packages


CBC, ESR, CRP, urea, creatinine, K, Na, Cl, lipogram (HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, cholesterol, triglycerides), bilirubin, AST, ALT, LDH, GGT, AP, amylase, CK, TSH, fT4, fT3, blood glucose, HbA1c, urate, urine, insulin, insulin resistance (HOMA 1 -IR), 25-OH vitamin D


Whole body densitometry – assessment of skeletal status and visceral fat tissue

Densitometry uses two-photon X-rays and precisely and with high certainty defines the percentage of fat in the body, total weight of fat in the body, BMI (body mass index), total muscular mass, skeletal mass and density – all in one 5-minute test


Cardiologist examination - assessment of cardiovascular status and risk factors, a complete cardiological examination which entails measurement of blood pressure, ECG with interpretation, physical examination of the heart, lungs, abdomen and extremities and (on the indication) Holter

Endocrinologist examination - assessment of hormone and diabetic status and amount of fat tissue

Nutritionist examination and creation of diet plan - aside from history and physical examination, it entails measurement of body height, body weight, body-mass index (BMI), waist circumference, skin fold in the middle upper arm, scapular region and abdominal region by measurement of sagittal diameter

Internal medicine specialist (cardiologist) examination and final opinion

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