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Martina Linarić, Ph.D.


She graduated in 2007 at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, Pierottijeva 6, Zagreb. She completed her doctoral studies at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Marulićev trg 9, Zagreb, majoring in engineering chemistry, 2013.

After completing her studies, she opened a private Center for Nutrition and Education whose main activity is optimizing nutrition for the purpose of preventive health care, but also optimizing nutrition and educating people with existing health problems.

Martina Linarić, Ph.D. is a specialist in working with people with impaired health status, and she has many years of experience working in the private practice of a nutritional counseling center, in health institutions as a clinical nutritionist, private sports polyclinics as well as special clinics for the treatment of people with eating disorders, as well as sports clubs with the aim of optimizing the nutrition of professional athletes and preparing them for major competitions.

From 2014 to 2018, she worked as a professional associate, clinical nutritionist, as a part of Team for the cardiac rehabilitation of patients at Thalassotherapia Opatija, Specialty Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation of Heart and Rheumatic Diseases. During 2015, she works as part of a team, i.e. expert associate in the treatment of eating disorders as part of Thalassotherapia Crikvenica, Specialty Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation of Respiratory Organs and Locomotor System. Her role was clinical nutritionist in the treatment of eating disorders, obesity, bulimia in children and adolescents.

Since 2012 until today she works as a professional associate, nutritionist, for counseling, education about nutrition and the importance of influencing health status, creating individual diet plans at Polyclinic Terme Selce. From October 2021 to this day, she also works as an expert associate in the rehabilitation program for patients suffering from respiratory diseases such as KOPB and post-COVID patients at the health facility Thalassotherapia Crikvenica.

From 2019 to this day, she is the official nutritionist of the show in cooperation with RTL, Croatia - "The biggest loser" - where she takes care of the nutrition of the contestants, creating norms, menus, diet therapy, as well as education and the implementation of nutrition in the everyday life of the contestants.

From 2022 she also works as an expert associate, clinical nutritionist at the polyclinic Pediatrics Plus, Rijeka, the first private polyclinic for children and young people in the area of Rijeka, Istria and Kvarner. From the same year, she collaborates as a nutritionist with the Kvarener Athletics Club, Rijeka on the preparation of athletes for competitions, and is currently in the phase of preparing two Olympic athletes for the Olympic Games 2024.

During 2021 and 2022, in cooperation with clubs from Germany and Austria, Edelsten Bike, she was the official nutritionist of the cycling camp for the preparation of professional cyclists of road cycling races for big races like the Giro de Italy, Tour de France, and in cooperation with the team coach Mr. Oliver Gref (former German representative).

As a nutritionist, she is part of the team of the First Croatian Camp for the treatment of obesity in children in cooperation with the Policlinic Terme Selce. She is also the author of the First Croatian Camp for obese people and people subjected to daily stress - "Body, Mind & Soul Boot Camp", 2018, Opatija.

During her work in several areas of nutrition, she is mainly focused on the influence and optimization of nutrition, as well as educating patients about the impact of nutrition on health, both in preventive and curative terms (diet therapy).

She is an expert in nutrition and dietetics for the the adaptation and implementation of healthy meals for children of kindergarten age, where she educates the staff in the central food preparation department with regular trainings on how and in what way to prepare a healthy meal, align the norms with the prescribed values and refine the existing menus by adding new healthy meals and snacks.

She currently works on the first cookbook „Ribar(I)JA“, for children on the topic of "how to bring fish consumption closer to children and parents" through a series of simple, quick recipes suitable for the age of kindergarten children. She is also the author of the first virtual cookbook "Martina's kitchen" for the preparation of specially designed healthy, quick and tasty meals in cooperation with RTL, Croatia 2021, Zagreb.

She is the author of several professional publications. Also, she is a regular expert lecturer at various congresses, gatherings on the topic of the influence of nutrition on health (for example, Celiac disease as today's health issue; International Congress of Nutrition and Clinical Dietotherapy, June 2013, Rijeka; Mediterranean diet in the rehabilitation of cardiac patients; International Congress nutritionist, November 2016, Zadar; Supplementation for athletes and recreationists; Educational workshops in cooperation with Rijeka Sports Federation (RSS); JUST SPORT project - fight against doping in professional sports, December 2017, Rijeka; and many others), as well as importance of nutrition in the field of health tourism (Dietotherapy in health tourism, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts; 1st health tourism congress, July 2017, HAZU Zagreb; CIHT, October 2022; Crikvenica International Health Tourism Conference; lecturer/panelist "The Importance of Nutrition in health tourism''and so on).

She is a regular author of a number of professional publications, a blog-educational texts for a number of Internet portals and magazines such as, 24 sata,,, slobodandalmacija,.hr,, Novi list, Glorija, Ljepota i zdravlje, and a number of others. She is an expert collaborator in the preparation of educational materials to inform the general public about the importance of implementing proper nutrition in everyday life and its impact on consumer health. Among these collaborations, she can highlight the collaboration with CroMaris Hrvatska, Podravka d.d., and many others.

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