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Neven Starčević, M.D., Ph.D.

Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon

Born in Zagreb where he finished his primary and secondary education. In 2003 enrolled in the Zagreb School of Medicine as one of the best applicants. Received a “dean’s award” as one of the best medical school students. Graduated in 2009 with “summa cum laude”. Started his internship in 2009. at the University hospital centre “Zagreb”, which he completed successfully in 2010. Started his general surgery residency in 2011 at the University hospital “Sveti Duh”, which he completed successfully in 2015. In 2013 enrolled into the PhD programme of the Zagreb School of Medicine, where he was awarded a doctorate titled “The effect of BPC 157 on fracture healing, ectopic bone and heterotopic ossification in the rat“ in 2017.

He received a scholarship from the Austrian-American Foundation to attend the “Bone and Joint surgery” seminar in Salzburg, Austria in 2018. Attended many international courses. Was appointed an expert witness in the field of orthopaedic trauma surgery by the district court of Zagreb in 2022.

His professional interests are fractures and acute injuries, joint replacement as well as hand and wrist surgery.

Neven Starčević, M.D., Ph.D., is an orthopaedic trauma surgeon with a wealth of experience in treating patients with fractures, joint replacements as well as treating various complications arising from injuries to the musculoskeletal system, with numerous satisfied patients able to attest to this.

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Testimonial - Tiho Ramović
Tiho Ramović
Osteosynthesis of the finger

„I have already had several specialist examinations in St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. Taught by the previous positive experience from those examinations where the employees were always smiling and approachable, I had no doubts in choosing that hospital for the procedure I need. Regarding the overall service, from the first visit to the physiatrist, X-ray imaging, diagnosis, offered treatment options and the operation itself, I can only say praise. The first thing that amazed me was the processing speed. Out of the entire hour and a half I spent in the hospital, I spent a total of 10 minutes in the waiting room itself. The treatment and accommodation itself were impeccable. The feeling of being in a hotel and not a hospital helped calm the nervousness before the surgery, which was on the same day. Big thanks to the anesthesiology staff as well as the nurses who helped me with their relaxed (but still professional) approach even while they were driving me to the operating room. From all of this experience, it was clear to me that all employees do their best to make patients feel as comfortable as possible. My general impression was that I was the only patient in the hospital and that everything revolved around me. Many thanks also to the lady who came 3 times a day to clean my apartment and she was also smiling and assured me that I was in excellent hands! Dr. Starčević was largely responsible for my decision to undergo the procedure at the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. I was impressed by his directness and the way he explained the problem in a simple and concise way. His attitude and thorough description of potential options and consequences let me know that the entire recovery will take as little time as possible and that the risks are minimal. Also, his professionalism after the surgery only confirmed that impression for me, where he described to me in the simplest possible way how the procedure was performed and that the recovery will be as fast as possible. Today, 2 days after the surgery, even though the bandage is still there, I already feel like the surgery never happened."

The patient underwent Osteosynthesis of the finger. The procedure was performed by Neven Starčević, M.D., Ph.D., Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon.



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