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Eva Pavić, univ. spec. BSc., Ph.D.


Eva Pavić graduated in 1990, study programme Food technology, on the Faculty of Food Technology, University „Josip Juraj Strossmayer“ in Osijek. In 2010, she finished Postgraduate Specialist University Study Programme Food Quality and Safety on the Faculty of Food technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb on thesis topic „Implementation and validation of the HACCP system in the hospital kitchen“. In 2020, she completed Postgraduate University Doctoral Study on the same University on topic "Effect of the Mediterranean and Standard Hypolipemic Diet on biochemical paramethers in patients with high risk factors for cardiovascular diseases".

After finishing study, she worked as a dietitian in the Department of Nutrition at University Hospital Dubrava and immediately afterwards as the Head of the Department. In 2001, as a part of Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases, she contributed in organizing the first multidisciplinary team for treatment and counceling patients with diabetes, dyslipidemia, obesity and other metabolic diseases. Since 2010, she has been working in University Hospital Centre Zagreb, first as Head Manager of the hospital advisor for nutrition and immediately afterwards as a Head of Department for Nutrition and Dietetics whose function still performs today. In cooperation with the Clinical Unit of Clinical Nutrition, UHC Zagreb she organizes and manages Dietary Nutritional Counseling Center.

She is course coordinator of several courses on the University of Applied Health Sciences, Zagreb, on whom is from 2021 titled as Senior Lecturer. Working on the Project of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare called „MATRA“, she actively participated with the HACCP team in the development of the „Guide to Good Hygienic Practice and Application of HACCP Principles for Institutional Kitchens“. In 2007, she participated in development of Nutritional standards for planning the nutrition of children in kindergartens - menus and normatives issued by the City of Zagreb and in development of National guidelines for the nutrition of students in primary schools, issued by the Ministry of Health in 2013. In 2007 and 2015 she was the head of the working group for the development of Standards for the nutrition of patients in hospitals, Ministry of Health. She took part in development of the hospital nutrition IT program called „Dietitian“, which significantly contributed to development and management of activities such as planning, organization, recording, accounting and control hospital nutrition process. In 2018, she was a member of working group for the development of Nutritional and gerontological normatives/menus in Residential care homes, issued by the “Andrija Štampar” School of Public Health.

She published several scientific papers classified in the a1 group, and more than 16 papers classified in the a2 and a3 group. She is author and co-author of several chapters in textbooks in the field of nephrology and diabetology, as well as educational brochures on the topic of diet therapy and adequate nutrition. She is the first author of the newly published first Croatian Nutrition Guidelines for diabetes in adulthood „Medical nutrition therapy guidelines for diabetes in adults“.

She participates in numerous science popularization activities including media appearances, publications in science popularization magazines, participation in thematic forums for students, but also for patient associations, such as the Croatian Association of Diabetic Associations. As an invited lecturer, she participated in numerous national and international congresses, professional meetings and continuing education courses in the field of diet therapy.

She is a member of Croatian Physicians Association, Croatian Society for Atherosclerosis of Croatian Medical Association, Croatian Society of Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases of Croatian Medical Association, Croatian Society for Rare Diseases of Croatian Medical Association, and a member of Diabetes and Nutrition Study Group. From 2018 to 2022, she was the president of the Croatian Society of Nutritionists and Dietitians and from the 2023 she is the vice-president of the same society.

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