Božica Potočki


I am very satisfied with the service in St. Catherine, both with the nurses and with prof. Neven Tudorić, M.D., Ph. D., specialist in internal medicine and subspecialist in pulmonology and allergist. The doctor told me immediately at the first examination what it was about and he was extremely kind. I have no objections, only praise for all the medical staff at St. Catherine Specialty Hospital.

In the photo with our prof. Neven Tudorić, M.D., Ph. D., specialist in internal medicine and subspecialist in pulmonology and allergist.

Radmil Smojver


I have been coming to St. Catherine before to do MR scans, ultrasound diagnostics and specialist examinations. I was very impressed with the complete quality of care and approach. Therefore, I decided to do a general medical examination in prevention purposes. The examination was very thorough, precise and high quality. I would recommend it! Everything was quick, without waiting. Dr. Tomislav Pavlović i Dr. Jasmina Ćatić, Ph.D. are exceptional physicians. Abroslute excellene on the highest level. Dedication to the patient, analysis, recommendations, giving advice, great approach – phenomenal! The emdical examination should be done once per year and I we will be seing each other in a year! Thanks for everything and a truly happy that I discovered the services this hospital offers in Zabok and Zagreb!

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