It's normal to feel anxious about staying in the hospital. Please know you’re not alone. You will have an entire healthcare team focused on your safety and well-being.

What Do I Bring?

You will only need essential items, such as:
•    Sleepwear
•    Slippers
•    Toiletries
•    Any equipment used in your care (i.e., hearing aids, eyeglasses, etc.)

What Paperwork Should I Bring?

Please provide our hospital caregivers:
•    A list of all medications or  supplements including dosages
•    Any physician orders

What Shouldn’t I Bring?

•    Large sums of money. Please do not keep more than Euro 5 in your room.
•    Jewelry. If you are admitted without advance preparation, ask family members or friends to take home your jewelry.
•    Other valuables. For safety reasons, electronics, laptops, iPods and iPads should not be kept in your possession while in the hospital. St. Catherine Hospital  is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

When Can My Family and Friends Visit Me?

St. Catherine Hospital has a 24-hour visitation policy. However, there may be times when visitation may need to be limited.

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