We are introducing Marta Bulum, M.D., radiologist

Marta Bulum, M.D., radiologist joined the Center for Radiology & Imaging of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital in early 2022

Dr. Marta Bulum was born in Požega, where she finished her elementary and mathematical grammar school education. In 2006 she enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb. After completing her medical studies and internship, she worked for a short time as a family medicine doctor in Požega and then began a residency in clinical radiology at the Požega General Hospital.

She underwent her training at the Požega General Hospital and at the University Hospital Dubrava under the mentorship of prof. Boris Brkljačić. Since 2019, she has been permanently employed at the University Hospital Dubrava. During her residency, she trained in all radiological imaging modalities with a special emphasis on ultrasound.

At the beginning of 2020, she successfully passed her board exam and continues to work at the University Hospital Dubrava as a clinical radiology consultant with an emphasis on head and neck radiology.

Since 2021, she has been a teaching associate at the University of Zagreb, School of Medicine. She has actively participated in several radiological congresses. Since 2014, she has been a member of the European Society of Radiology.

Dr. Bulum's area of work at St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is an ultrasound.

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