Ventrolateral disc herniation causes psoas muscle compression: A case report

The team of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital published case report: „Ventrolateral disc herniation causes psoas muscle compression“ in Radiology Case Report.

We report a case of a 39-year old male patient who presented to us with several months of lower back pain. Following clinical assessment, the patient underwent a magnetic resonance imaging exam, which after using advanced imaging protocols showed a ventrolateral disc hernation toward the psoas muscle. Based upon the findings in the magnetic resonance and the  electromyoneurographic examination, the decision was made to treat the patient conservatively. Coronal planes are useful for discerning changes of various origins not usually seen on the sagital and axial planes. If needed, additional advanced protocol is available for increased specificity and diagnostic accuracy.

Authors: Dragan Primorac, MD,PhD, Igor Borić, MD, Marjan Rožanković MD, PhD , Tomislav Pavlović, MD, Krunoslav Štefančić and Luka Boban, MD, Vilim Molnar, MD, Paulo Zekan, MD.

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