The most modern operating rooms opened in this part of Europe

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital opened the operating block which contains the most modern operating rooms in Europe

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital offers everything in one place - diagnostics, surgery and rehabilitation with a top team of 65 physicians.

The most modern operating rooms in this part of Europe and single-bed apartments for faster and more comfortable recovery with the highest standards of excellence are located at St. Catherine Hospital and are already receiving first patients in Zagreb at the address Branimirova 71E.

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital thus became the first institution in the Republic of Croatia equipped with an integrated and interconnected system of operating rooms that enables visualization in 4K resolution in real time. In addition, this system allows two-way communication with physicians anywhere in the world in real time, as well as the availability of patient data at any time.

St. Catherine team provides an experience like in a "5-star hotel", in order to make the post-operative recovery as pleasant as possible, because our patients and their satisfaction are always in the first place.

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital team
Patients and their satisfaction always come first
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