St. Catherine Specialty Hospital – Certified “Customers' Friend”

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital’s membership in the international "Customers' Friend" certification programme confirms its exceptionally high standards of quality, both when it comes to business and relations with its clients and employees

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is especially committed to the satisfaction and health of its patients. With its individual approach to patients, first-rate team of experienced doctors and state–of-the-art instruments and examination methods, as well as additional services such as its Call Centre, the specialty hospital invests continuous effort in providing top-quality service and raising its medical care to an enviable international level.

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital’s membership in the international ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend programme – “Because we care about our customers”, attests to the special care and attention that Specialty Hospital give to patients and their problems, as well their commitment towards developing long-term customer satisfaction from the very beginning – from the first phone call up to the final phase of treatment.

Only those companies that have proven themselves with their exemplary approach to customers and clients are eligible for inclusion in the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend certification programme.

The ICERTIAS - Customers’ Friend certification programme aims to stimulate manufacturers and service providers to achieve ever higher standards in the provision of first-rate total user experiences and comprehensive customer service, as well as to develop high-quality and friendly relationships with their clients.

The ICERTIAS - Customers’ Friend programme encourages kindness, expertise and an ethical and professional approach in the communication between product suppliers and service providers on one side, and their clients and customers on the other.

The companies and organisations included in the ICERTIAS - Customers’ Friend certification programme undertake to work towards offering their customers and clients products and services in accordance with the highest standards of treatment and at the most competitive prices possible, while paying special attention to total user experience and comprehensive customer service throughout their use of medical services. 

The general public and the customers on the market are able to recognise the member companies and organisations of the ICERTIAS - Customers’ Friend certification programme by the ICERTIAS - Customers’ Friend red pentagonal diamond that is used in their promotional and/or corporate communications activities.

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