Ivan Katalinić D.M.D, Ph.D., participated in the international congress of ClearCorrect ambassadors

The International ClearCorrect Ambassadors Summit was held in Cannes

Our Ivan Katalinić D.M.D, Ph.D.  attended the annual international congress in Cannes, France, together with more than a hundred colleagues from all over the world, where were presented the latest findings on clear aligner therapy and the biomechanics of tooth movement. He was also presented with a prestigious award by the Straumann ClearCorrect system for a doctor who made a significant contribution to the growth and development of the system and clinical support to colleagues in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was chosen in strong competition from colleagues from the entire EMEA region (Europe - Middle East - Africa), which makes the award even more important. In St. Catherine Dental Center we perform ClearCorrect therapies with transparent braces that have a new generation of plastic materials, optimized for easier tooth movement and an improved platform for digital therapy planning, which makes them stand out from other systems on the market. Our Ivan Katalinić D.M.D, Ph.D is a "Clinical Advisor" for Straumann ClearCorrect system.

Photo: Straumann / Sebastian Szulfer

Ivan Katalinić D.M.D, Ph.D.  with award-winning collaborators
The latest findings on clear aligner therapy and the biomechanics of tooth movement
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