HNS and St Catherine Specialty Hospital Invite Christian Eriksen to Zagreb for Genetic Testing

Photo: Drago Sopta (Croatian Football Federation)

St Catherine Specialty Hospital Management Board president and Croatian Football Federation health commission president prof. Dragan Primorac, M. D., Ph. D., sent a letter to the Danish Football Federation president Jesper Moller and Secretary-General Jakob Jensen, urging them to have their national team member Christian Eriksen (29) perform a comprehensive genetic test in Croatia to determine the possible genetic basis of cardiac arrest.

The Denmark national team player shocked the world when he collapsed on the pitch in the 43rd minute of the match between Finland and Denmark on June 12. The doctors revived him on the pitch for ten minutes. Eriksen was transferred to the hospital, from where he later contacted his teammates, and they then decided to continue the match.

Eriksen's genetic testing would be conducted as part of the project "Development of a Comprehensive Model for the Prevention of Sudden Heart Death: Analysis of 294 Genes and Related Mutations Associated with Conditions That Can Lead to Athlete's Sudden Heart Death."

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