Medeleine Laporte

Medeleine Laporte from France about stem-cell therapy

My mother wants to thank you prof. Primorac as well to the Hospital for the amazing treatment that you done with stem cells. She already feels much better for the knee after three month and expecting to be much better in the future. She believes strongly in the future of the stem cells and orthopedy and the amazing work you are doing in St. Catherine Hospital so thank you again.

Aktivna Hrvatska s doc. dr. sc. Igorom Borićem
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Regenerative Medicine - St. Catherine Specialty Hospital
Terapija vlastitim matičnim stanicama
St. Catherine Specialty Hospital - Non Invasive Hip Treatment
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Hip joint replacement

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11. ISABS konferencija u Splitu
Ana Konjuh

Tennis player

Thank you for everything! Whenever I need it, the staff and doctors are always friendly and willing to help. It means a lot to me because time was precious to me! Thank you for everything!

Roland Neff


Hip replacement

They really take care of you, 100%. As a physician, I know what is working well. From the check up process they were very innovative. The medical staff and rehab staff communicate very well with me, I feel like I am in a family hospital. Very personalized treatment. I would fly all the way from Switzerland for the hip replacement I got here, no hesitation, its worth it.

Marin Čilić

Tennis player, US Open winner 2014

I wish to spare no words of praise and thanks to St. Catherine hospital and polyclinic for all their expertise, professional care, diagnostics and services. St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is one of the few places in the world where I am certain to find in a single place all the care that I require, with top level physiotherapists and doctors who leave me no doubt that they will never fail to identify the diagnosis and pinpoint the cause of injury, leading me on the fastest way to a full recovery. My special thanks go to Dr. Borić and Professor Dragan Primorac for their continuing assistance and care, and also to physiotherapy personnel who are always there for me. I look forward to working with St. Catherine's team for a long time in order that I can stay healthy and get by with as few injuries as possible.

Luka Modrić

Croatian Football Team player, Golden Ball winner - World cup 2018, UEFA Men’s player of the 2018, FIFA the best Men’s player of the 2018, Real Madrid player

The service the last two time when I was here was amazing because of great people that are working here. For us it is most important to be healthy and to be free of injury. 

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