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Tomislav Čutura, M.D.

Dr. Tomislav Čutura, M.D. is specialist in anaesthesiology, reanimatology and intensive care treatment. He has graduated from the Medical School, University of Rijeka in 2000. He worked in Health Center «Vukovar» and in Emergency Medicine Center in Požega until 2006. He started his specialization in 2006. During his specialization, he spent 2 years at the Clinical Hospital Center in Rijeka at the Clinic for Anesthesiology where he has been intensively trained in methods and techniques of regional anesthesia and completed the first category of ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia at the Anesthesiology Clinic. In year 2011 he became a specialist. Since April 2017 he has joined the team of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. He is married and a father of two sons.

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