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Snježana Komadina, M.D.

specialist in dermatology and venereology

She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1993 with a graduate thesis in the field of dermatology.

After completing the mandatory internship, partly in the Clinical Hospital Centre Rijeka, partly in DZ Otočac and had passed the state exam on May 2, 1995 in Zagreb, she worked as a doctor in emergency medical care clinics – on the islands of Rab, Krk and Lošinj and in Ogulin, for a total of seven and a half years. Working on a project related to veterans suffering from PTSD, she acquires knowledge of psychotherapy, individual and group, as well as group psychoanalysis.

In 2003 she started specializing in dermatology and venereology, further expanding her knowledge at educations and congresses in and outside Croatia, in the areas of dermatoscopy of pigment lesions and their removal, monitoring patients with removed lesions, surgical removal of skin cancer, dealing with acne and other skin allergic conditions, various autoimmune diseases, chronic and acute conditions in children and adults. During her specialization, she treated skin diseases and diseases that fall within the domain of sexually transmitted diseases.

After passing the specialist exam on February 29, 2008, she returned to the Veli Lošinj Health Resort. In the years that followed, Dr. Komadina herself worked on complete dermatological issues of the islands of Lošinj, Cres and the nearby islands. Given the multiple increase in the volume of work during the summer months, Dr. Komadina had to show a high dose of independence and organization in her work, with unquestionable expertise.

In 2013, she started working in Thalassotherapia Crikvenica. This was followed by work in several private polyclinics in Rijeka, which later continued in Zagreb, in polyclinic Gemini Plus (3 years) and polyclinic LabPlus (4 years) until her arrival to St. Catherine Specialty Hospital.

In her work, Dr. Snježana Komadina skilfully and efficiently removes moles, melanomas, skin cancers and performs other corrective surgical procedures. She achieves excellent results in aesthetic medicine and in the application of dermal fillers, botox, beautification with stem cells - PRP, mesotherapy, hair loss treatments, as well as other aesthetic methods that are currently popular in the field of aesthetic medicine in the world.

In addition to the daily work, she pays special attention to her professional development in all segments of dermatology and venereology, with special emphasis onthe latest trends in aesthetic medicine. Her communication skills allow her to easily establish a connection with children that she often treats from various forms of allergic diseases, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

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