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Nino Tičinović, M.D.


Nino Tičinović, M. D., was born in Livno where he attended elementary school. He attended and graduated high school in Zagreb.

He graduated at University of Zagreb School of Medicine (UZSM) in 2004. and after internalship in Hospital for Pulmonary Diseases Jordanovac, starts as professional associate at Schering-Plough pharmaceutical company. He works there until end of 2007 when he starts as resident of radiology in University Hospital Dubrava.

He passed board exam 2012 and continue as certified radiologist in UHD.

Subspecialist exam in interventional radiology takes 2016. and continues to work in vascular and nonvascular interventions as well as cardiovascular diagnostics.

Since January 2022 he has been employed in University Hospital Centre Zagreb – Department of Radiology.

Nino Tičinović, M.D., is part of the team of the Center for Radiology and Imaging at St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, and his areas of work are thyroid gland and abdominal ultrasound as well as Color Doppler of blood vessels.

He is author/co-author more than 10 published scientific and professional papers.

He organized and participated at several domestic and international congresses and meetings.

He is member of sIRcro (Section for Interventional Radiology Croatian Society of Radiology) board, Croatian Medical Chamber, Croatian Society of Radiology, European Society of Radiology, CIRSE (Cardiovascular and Interventional Society of Europe), ESCR (European Society of Cardiovascular Radiology).

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