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Marin Lozić, M.D., Ph.D.

specialist of anesthesiology and subspecialist of intensive care

Dr. Marin Lozić, M.D., Ph.D., joins St. Catherine Special Hospital in september 2018 as a neuroanesthesiologist and an expert in management of acute and chronic pain states.

After completing his medical studies at the Medical School in Split in 2006 and successfully completing his professional exam in 2008, he started specializing in anesthesiology, reanimatology and intensive care in Zagreb at the Clinic for anesthesiology, reanimatology and intensive care of surgical patients at University Clinical Hospital Zagreb. In 2013 he becomes anesthesiology, reanimatology and intensive care specialist and starts working at the Clinic for anesthesiology and intensive care of neurosurgical patients where he is currently still working. He is a permanent member of the team for conducting neurosurgical operations in a awake state called "awake craniotomy“ since 2014 and is also a permanent member and associate of the Department of Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Medicine in Zagreb for the safe conduct of dental treatments and oral surgery for noncooperable patients at UHC Zagreb in the Day Care surgery clinic since 2017. He has also been working continuously since 2015 at the Center for the acute and chronic pain management in UHC Zagreb.

He is currently in the final stage of the PhD dissertation etitled "Interaction of lidocaine, pentadecapeptide BPC 157 and analogues of nitric oxide system in a rat model of regional anesthesia".

He is a member of the Croatian Medical Association, the Croatian Association for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care and the Croatian Society for the Treatment of Pain. He is a co-author of several scientific and professional papers in the field of anesthesiology and participant and lecturer at several domestic and international congresses and courses.

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